your equipment - rating out of 10
Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty
Fender Standard Stratocaster
Epiphone Les Paul Standard (2001 Model)
Simon & Patrick SP6 Spruce

Fender Princeton 65DSP
Marshall MS-2

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal
Marshall Guv'nor Plus

Dunlop Tortex 1.14 mm

Ernie Ball 9ā€™s (Electric)
Rotosound 11ā€™s (Acoustic)

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I have an American Stratocaster and a Fender Stage 100 amp, and they work rather well for me. But then again, I haven't played a whole lot of other guitars so I've no basis for comparison.

I also have an Alvarez acoustic which I quite like.
Ibanez GIO (yes, the crappy cheap beginner guitar) - I'd rate it at about a 6 or 7

Ibanez 15w Practice amp - Rate: 3

I really need a new amp, this one is horrible. I'm hoping to get a nice tube amp once I get a job again. :) Then I'll probably upgrade my guitar. Maybe a Strat, who knows... I like the twangy blues sound of Epiphone/Gibson.

Can anyone recommend a good tube amp, that has decent effects (reverb, overdrive, etc...) for around 4-500 USD?
Guitar- Eric Clapton (Stratocaster)
Squier Stratocaster
1965 Gibson Les Paul

Amps- (2) Marshall MG100DFX
What I currently use...
Fender Jazz bass (US 1976)-Fender Telecaster(JP 1988)-Yamaha FG-300A 6 string acoustic-
........through tascam US 428 to mac for recording.

But I also have a Marshall JMP 100 W bass head and Speaker Cab- Boss BE-5B Bass FX- Cyclone CH-70 Chorus and 2 'back up' Hohner 'marlin' guitars; Jazz and Strat copies... and the odd Washburn 6 string and Suzuki 12 string knocking about the house.

See if you can recognize that familiar Fender bass sound on my 'floyd-ish' songs..... although its not a Precision of course.

my music site

I luv my 70s jazz bass. :D

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i have a squire (by fender) bullet guitar, rating about a 5, when i get a job this summer im hoping to get either a gibson LP or SG and i have an ibanez amp cant remember the model number and im too lazy to go look so thats all ya get, rating about a 7.5, yup my guitar stuff

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I play an Austin Start, one of the new models. I highly recommned this guitar. It plays nice and the price is low. I have a little marshall amp with a 10" speaker and a boss DS1 distortion peddle.
lets see i have a fender drednought with elcetrics, and a stratacaster... and i have a crappy 20watt crate amp, oh yeah!
i have a fender strat which would get a 7.5 because i love strat's, a Behringer AC112 which would get an 8 because it has 99 built in effects :D , a crybaby wah petal
overall id rate my equiptment a 7 or something rocker
hi i have a crafter convoy FM which is not verey well known but he is good!!! im also getting a fender stratocaster amp is a marshall mg series 30watts and i also have a zoom 505II and a kramer compressor pedal

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