your equipment - rating out of 10
I have my beloved Simon & Patrick handcrafted acoustic that I play every day, and I have a very good Gibson-Epiphone Les Paul which is due to sell on eBay WITHIN HOURS because I only really play acoustic type music now, and don't like to take too much luggage to student addresses, and need money for some kind of lifestyle during the Ph.D. I hope to begin in a month. So if anyone is interested in owning this fine instrument in a fine hard case at a low low price you only have about 10 hours at the time of writing. Click here.
Squire Strat
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster

Marshall MG50DFX

Proel (or something like that) wah-wah
Boss DD-3, PH-3, CS-3
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Electric Mistress (were would i be without her)
Electric Guitars:

Schecter Omen (playes beautiful)

Acoustic Guitars:

Martin something (I think, next time I see him i'm buying it off my friend for like 20 bucks, he never uses it *grins*).


Line 6 Spider II 112 (Awesome effects).

Yeah, i'm a cheapskate. All that stuff combined is about 720 dollars. :upside:
BC Rich warlock Bronze : I'd rate it a 5/10
And my amp broke :(
now that i have an epiphone Les Paul, a digital delay pedal and a screamin blues pedal, i would rate everything about 9.5/10 :D
That sounds very nice. :(
Tanglewood TW15 Baby - slight neck niggles aside, i love it!
guitar-72' telecaster reissue, takamine acoustic

amp-marshall jcm 2000 dsl 401

effects-ibanez chorus/flanger, morley wah
i love those 72 teles (you mean the Custom 72, right?)
wowser Wrote:i love those 72 teles (you mean the Custom 72, right?)
you are correct my friend.

black with black pick guard.

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