Your First Pink Floyd Song - Your first pink floyd song on guitar
I was wondering what the first Pink Floyd song you learned on guitar was.
My first was "Wish you were here" (my favorite pink floyd song) It's still my favorite to play.
I'd learned the riffs to like Money, WYWH, SOYCD, Dogs, ABITW etc. But, the first song I learned with solo etc was Comfortably Numb.
Pigs On The Wing 1 and 2, followed with WYWH intro (only)

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The first tune I learned was Wish You Were Here. After I kicked that songs butt, I tackled Shine On. Coming from a Slayer and heavy metal background, my first Floyd tunes changed my whole outlook on music.

Now I continue to learn Floyd tunes until one day I run out.
Pigs on the Wing & Wish You Were Here.

I don't remember which was first.
Pigs On The Wing 1...
Wish You Were Here

but I must say, I'm not a very accomplished guitarist... I will be someday tho :)
I played bass as a youngster and in college. In different bands, and on my own, I learned early on how to play "Money", "Another Brick In The Wall", and "One Of These Days".

On guitar, the only one I ever learned was "Wish You Were Here" and "Lucifer Sam".
I think I'm going to try and tackle the first solo on 'Dogs' soon. It'll be my second Floyd solo. My first being the first solo on 'Comfortably Numb.
the trumpet parts of Atom Hear Mother.
Signs of Life.

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