Your First Pink Floyd Song - Your first pink floyd song on guitar
The first Floyd song I played was WYWH after that I was hooked to Floyd. After hearing The Wall once, I decided to learn Is There Anybody Out There, which is my favorite to play on my acoustic.
hammers My First was Another Brick in The Wall Parts, 1,2,3 and happiest days of our lives then it was WYWH, Money,Comfortly Numb,Time,Hey You(thats a tuffy),and
Young Lust. hammers
My first song I played was Breathe.
i guess the first "whole" song i learned to play was SOYCD part 1 but i learned the intro to money, and ive kinda learned to play hey you, comfortably numb, in the flesh, the rest of SOYCD, have a cigar, and some others
first bass song: money
favorite bass song: pigs (three different ones)
first guitar song: wish you were here
favorite guitar song: wish you were here
first guitar solo: another brick in the wall (pt. 2)
favorite guitar solo: comfortably numb
Wish You Were Here was my first PF song to learn, too. Now I'm working on the solo on Comfortably Numb. It's pretty hard... I haven't played for long. :(
Both the electric and acoustic parts in "Wish You Were Here".
First whole song was Corporal Clegg, the first thing i learned on guitar was the main Wish You Were Here part.
Petey Wrote:Both the electric and acoustic parts in "Wish You Were Here".
What's the electric part in 'wish you were here ??? '

My first song was 'Is there anybody out there' and 'mother'. After that came 'wish you were here' (with beginning 'solo')

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