Your First Pink Floyd Song - Your first pink floyd song on guitar
:ghostface: i agree breathe is easy but my first track was high hopes thats so easy
Liam Creedon - Session Musician / Tutor

Lead Guitarist of Wish You Were Floyd
my first pink floyd song was wish you were here. then shine on. im still working on some parts of that. :) but i haven't been playin long.
Interstellar Overdrive.
Wish You Were Here
money and pigs on the wing.
I love the opening riff to money, it just feels really, comfy somehow to just relax into...
Another Brick in the Wall: Part II =) It stills give me chills when I hear it rocker
beatlesboy64 Wrote:I was wondering what the first Pink Floyd song you learned on guitar was.
My first was "Wish you were here" (my favorite pink floyd song) It's still my favorite to play.
my first pink floyd song on guitar was soycd rocker
this is good we have our own guitar part. :)
My first songs were mother, wish you were here" see emily play, brain damage,
but one thing i will say is that i keep playing these songs and hope to improve on them.
David Gilmours solo's are out of my league for the time being, my hands are small and after two years of playing those two frett bends are still beyond me.
He must have such incredible finger strength, I also play a few other but not good enough to mention yet.
I play mostly acoustic, but i also have an epi les paul standard.
Pleased to be here

1st-Any Color you like
2nd-Another Brick in the Wall pt1(happiest days of our life and pt2.)
4th-Wish You Were Here
5th-Starting Have a Cigar
(I might learn Shine on but I want to learn songs most people who arent hook'd on floyd know. Most of my friends have short attention spans for stuff they dont know. Welcome to the machine's been taunting me tho :D )

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