Nominations for New Forum Moderators - All members invited to comment
PFO Forum Staff are now taking nominations for new forum moderators! Anyone interested in volunteering as a forum moderator, please post a reply here to express your interest (yes, you may nominate yourself). Please include a brief statement about why you are interested and what would make you a good moderator (a couple of sentences are sufficient). It does not have to be formal, but we are looking for serious inquiries only.

Moderators are important for the maintenance of the forum. We promote the community, help users, enforce rules, and generally keep things organized. Moderator tasks can be tedious at times, such as banning and deleting mass quantities of spam bots, so you must be willing to do the boring work as that is one of the most important functions of moderators and is the main reason we need additional moderators now. Being a moderator does have some perks though, and can be rewarding.

We invite all members to submit comments (both positive and/or negative) on what you think about the nominee's potential as a moderator. You may post your comments here on this thread publicly, or you may privately submit comments via Private Message to the following forum staff members: Jintzey, cevor, scarlet eagle
Comments submitted privately will never be shared with the nominees, so your privacy is ensured.

Comments from the general community are important because we can't possibly read every single post on such a large forum as this, nor can we view private messages not sent to us, so we really need to know if there is anything we might have missed that would be important for deciding on new moderators. For example, if a particular member has been very helpful, and thus you think they would make a good moderator, please let us know. Also, if someone hasn't been a very exemplary member of the community and may not be a good choice for a moderator, we need to know about that too.

Thank you for your participation!
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It should also be noted that new moderators will have the senior moderators observing, critiquing and supporting their efforts. We look forward to your submissions!
Who was dragged down by the stone.

Me, because ive been on this forum for 12 years :)
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I nominate me! This board still gets far too much traffic to shutter.

Thank you for your consideration.

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