What different guitars did Dave play in Floyd? - Strat obviously, but what else?
ok this is pinkfloydfan1 btw my old addy mucked up

any way

1957 fender telecaster - in white
1962 fener stratocaster - in white
1960's fender stratocaster - black with maple neck black scratch plate as used on darkside
1972 fender telecaster - in sunburst with a humbucker pickup at the neck as used on animals

1970s lewis custom - dark purple/blue with 22 frets as used on money 3 rd solo

1972 ovation legend acoustic - as used on wywh and is there any body out there
1960's fender nylon classical acoustic - as used on goodbye blue sky

1950 ish fender esquire - this was second hand and was used on rlh on the wall it wass fitted with a neck pickup therefor making it into a telecaster

1972 fender stratocaster - this was his candy red strat it was then customized with a shortened whammy bar and dg20 emg spx controls and pickups as used on almor and devision bell

1990s gretch - was used on a great day for freedom on the devision bell fitted with a bigsby tremlo

1976 gibson epiphone - as used on daves upcoming solo album and the wall part 2 solos using the neck humbucker this was later fitted with a bigsby tremlo

1985 gretch lapsteal - cheap lapsteal fitted with a fender pickup as used on dsot and pulse

he has a

fender precision bass - in blue for sorrow on almor
fender custom bass - for high hopes and dogs and hey you

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