Poll: self taught or lessons - how did you learn the guitar
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self taught or lessons - how did you learn the guitar
i am self taught, no lessons, i just watch people play guitar on tv, how did you guys learn
espeaically my hero david gilmour


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my bad everyone, sorry about that

just put yes: for self taught

no: for lessons
Self Taught, and pround of it!!!!! rocker
self taught

but i would kill for some lessons

my bands improved jam session at a club--

I fall under the 'self-taught' category. I guess I just picked up stuff from people I know and of course studying my favourite guitarists. I was reading an interview with Slash, and that's exactly what he done.
Self taught right now. My brother showed me a few chords, and let me borrow his guitar. But as far as solos go, its all me. Cool
i believe in teaching yourself on how to play, i like to explore the guitar put my fingers here and there, its kewl cuz i was playing chords i didnt even know the name of till i looked it up

so if we are all self taught whats the point of these lessons
Self-taught, and now I teach a girl to play.
Self taught, with the help of tabs, and some computer thing that shows me chords. "We don't need no education"!

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