Poll: self taught or lessons - how did you learn the guitar
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self taught or lessons - how did you learn the guitar
learn myself mostly.

my and a buddy kinda learned together.
Self taught is the way to go I say.

You develop your own style, even though you are at the start copying of others, i think you really find your own niche quicker.
self taught for 9 years :D rocker rocker
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Both really, i go to lessons but I teach myself more, i go to the lessons still now 'cause he's a cool guy, and we learn great songs but guitar's an instrument where you can just teach yourself through the internet.

Edit: Does this mean that people on here think that lesons are bad because you get told what to do? When i go (as he has same-ish music taste) i ask him songs to teach me. anywayits like a fun chat about other stuff as well.
Lessons aren't all bad.

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Erm I'm a bassist and I self taught at first but I'm glad I did get lessons just for the extra little bits in between but apart from that it's all my own style :D
I've never had a lesson yet and I've been playing a year and a half almost and I'm doing just fine. I'd love to get some lessons though.
i started listening to rock decided i wanted a guitar and got one for my 14th birthday.... my dad tought me some stuff from there out i just taught myself you know songs scales chords.
I was taught in lessons in acoustic guitar but have self-taught myself chords and solos in electric.
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self taught on tabs. Can't read music to save my life. Did take piano lessons as a kid, but remember next to nothing.

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