Most important guitar player.
pinkfloydmadchris Wrote:
Dyolf Wrote:
Comfortably9Numb Wrote:now... NO disrespect to clapton...i love him just as much as everyone else...but i feel that he was so much influenced by Robert Johnson that really people should be prasing Johnson more thatn Clapton...thats just my imput...maybe im wrong tho...
All I can say about Clapton is "I shot the sheriff" is one of the pooiest songs I've ever heard, apart from that, he's cool.
He didn't write that song, Bob Marley did.
Yes, but Clapton covered it :;):
Come and join us at and continue the PFO legacy.
Narrow Way Wrote:^and??
Twas shite, that's all.... :p
Come and join us at and continue the PFO legacy.
1. Robert Johnson (Crossroads, what more can I say)
2. Jimi Hendrix (changed all the rules...just ask any self respecting guitarist)
3. Chuck Berry (again, pure inspiration)
4. Jimmy Page (before him no one had so much precision on the fret board)
5. David Gilmour (as someone said before, brings the more delicate solo to the front)

all the Hendirx bashers should really listen to more of the obscure Hendrix stuff, Voodoo Chile the 15 minute blues jam off Electric Ladyland and 1983...A Merman I Shall Be to name just a couple...also try Third Stone From The Sun from his debut album Are You Experienced as well as the title track

ps Jimmy Page could turn in a subtle solo as well...The Rain Song anyone? rocker
Gilmour said he had been to see Jimi Hendrix play at a bar once in 1966.
Dyolf Wrote:
Metabog Wrote:I think we can ALL agree that Jimi was the most important guitar player, even tho I don't like him... umm... at all *hides*
No he wasn't. He was/is way over-rated as a musician.
I disagree. However I would have agreed with you if you had said he was over-rated as a songwriter.

As a performer he was peerless. Simple as that.
BusStopRatBag Wrote:I think if he was alive today. Hendrix would be playing jazz.
little known fact, the day jimi died was the day he, gil evans, and miles davis were supposed to go in the studio and start recording together.

and i can't believe no one said frank zappa, buckethead, jerry garcia, or anyone like grant green

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