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Tell me the insterment you play Cool
Guitar (like everyone else).

Or more specifically:
<li>Fender Telecaster, blonde.
<li>Squire Strat, butterscotch
<li>KCC Acoustic, blue
<li>Spanish Guitar</ul>
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That's cool
I'm Learning to play guitar and I'm pretty good if i do say so myself.I also play the saxophone.
i play a little of everything.

Drums n' bass above all.

Drums- Ludwig Accent CS Series silver sparkle

Bass- Epiphone EB-0, SquierII P Bass

Guitars- Fender Telecaster.
I'm just curious why you wrote insterments instead of instruments, you seem to speak proper english.
I've been playing guitar for about 7 years now. I love playing more than anything. I am gonna be going to school for music pretty soon and I'm very excited about it!

My equipment:


Fender '07 62 reissue strat (sunburst)
Fender '06 American Strat (Oly White)
Gibson Les Paul Classic (Honeyburst)
Gitane Gypsy Acoustic


Mesa Boogie Mark III Blue Stripe Combo
'69 Fender Twin Reverb (Blackfaced)


Fulltone '69 Fuzz
RMC 2 Wah
Analogman Bicomp
Analogman Silver TS9
DD6 Delay
Boss Looper

All pedals are powered by Pedal Power (super convinient!)

I ended up making my own pedal board which saved me about $50 in the long run. Just cut up a piece of ply wood and put a sheet of velcro on top of it. Then I just velcroed all my pedals to the board.

Anyway, I hope this wasn't more than you wanted to know, lol.
I play guitar pretty well and started playing piano.


Austin Strat knockoff


Fender Twin Reverb


Boss DS-1
MXR DynaComp
VoodooLab Proctavia
Danelectro EQ
Danelectro Phaser
Danelectro Chorus
Ibanez DE7 Digita Delay
Dunlop Rotovibe
Dunlop CryBaby Wah
Morley Wah working as Volume

TMI...but fun to share
Gibson Les Paul-Studio
Gibson Double Cutaway Melodymaker --65? maybe, under construction
Fender Strat-94, 70's greybottom P/ups with custom wiring scheme.
Fender Strat 2000- Double Fat w Gibson 57/57 plus
Frankenstrat, under construction-70's Fender bigheadstock, Rosewood, scalloped-----Late 60's Lawsuit body, solid piece, will have a H/S/S configuration,Most likely a couple of Hot singlecoils and a Dimarzio SuperDistortion.Gold Pickguard on a blonde body.
Epiphone Thunderbird Bass
65 Harmony Rebel
A couple of acoustics for campfire nights.
ElectricAmp- Black 120 MV 120w
68 Fender bassman 50w
82 Peavey MX
Epiphone ValveJr, highly modded---smooookin lil amp.
86 Laney AOR ProTubeLead 50w
2x12 closed back w/ Eminence Man O Wars
4x12 Slant w/ Celestion g12h
6x12 straightfront w 2ea/Eminence Swamp Thangs,Tonkers/Man O Wars
2- 69 SUNN o))) 1x15's
Got way too many to list, I make and Mod my own, but probably use an akai phaser, modded crybaby, DOD dfx9 delay and a H2O chorus/Delay the most. Also I use a 70's Morley Power Wah alot.And a Rangemaster clone sometimes. But pretty much I go straight into the amp.No Pedals.
Guitar (for almost 2 years), and I did play trumpet (for over 5 years) up until the end of the school year.
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