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I started piano at age 12 in 1981? and took up guitar at age 19. I am 40. I have played bass on and off since I was about 21 and can play in bebop set ups . I have been playing most of the drum tracks on my new album and the sitar, tanpura , percussion , keys incl. organ , electric piano , etc. I bought a sitar in Bombay in 2004.
Instrument: Vocals, electric & acoustic guitar (rhythm & lead), accordion, harmonica, keyboards, piano, drums, bass guitar, saxophone.
When You Started Playing: Started playing guitar when I was 9, and saxophone when I was 13, though I haven't played the sax for a few years. All the other instruments just came into my life at random times, and I always play whatever I can get in my hands.
Favourite Musician: Roger Waters
Most People Played To: Something between 500 and 1000. Not sure.
Your Style Is Most Like Which Musician: Roger Waters when it comes to composing, Paul McCartney when it comes to performing.
Inspiration To Start/Keep Playing (Song or Person): The Beatles were my inspiration to start playing guitar. From that, all else followed, really.
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Instrument: Percussion, Guitar... When You Started Playing: 4th grade... Favourite Musician: Keith Moon / Stewart Copeland / Bob Dylan / David Gilmour.... Most People Played To: 500
Your Style Is Most Like Which Musician: Keith Moon / Mr. E
Instrument: Guitar, bass, keyboards

When You Started Playing: 1995

Favourite Musician: Steve Rothery (Marillion), Chris Squire (Yes), Neil Peart (Rush), Mike Oldfield, Neal Morse

Most People Played To
: 500/700

Your Style Is Most Like Which Musician: Hum hard to say, some people say Pink Floyd, others Anathema

Inspiration To Start/Keep Playing (Song or Person): Jimmy Page really pushed me to go further with my guitar. Progressive rock changed a lot of things as well Thumbsup

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