Poll: ROGER'S GREATEST PEICE OF MUSIC - Please choose your favourite!
Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1, 2 or 3) (The Wall)
Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun (SOS)
Brain Damage (DSOTM)
The Thin Ice (The Wall)
The Final Cut (TFC)
Welcome to the Machine (WYWH)
Paranoid Eyes (TFC)
Nobody Home (The Wall)
The Trial (The Wall)
Others (Please state which ones)
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ROGER'S GREATEST PEICE OF MUSIC - Please choose your favourite!
hey i like your vote. though id have to say that i like comfortably numb and in the flesh better than nobody home
I vote for:

Lost Boys Calling

When I need a little fix of Roger's brilliance, this recent song does it for me. It's truly and unsung masterpiece.

Makes me wonder what might have been possible if it had the Pink Floyd name or decent A&R promotion behind it.

Runner up: Flickering Flame from the best of solo CD.
The Gunner's Dream
I don't think that old men ought to promote wars for young men to fight
Strictly speaking solo here: "Every Stranger's Eyes" (Pros & Cons)
nobody home
Of these, I voted for "Nobody Home".

"Goodbye Blue Sky" and "Grantchester Meadows" are quite great as well.
the fletcher memorial home
Wheres amused to death?
Money...simply because who could come up with a more addictive...more inspiring...more funkier bass riff than that its what inspired me to play bass :) but apart from that try listening to The Fletcher Memorial at half 5 in the morning summer time walking down the road wow some memories :'(
Out of those, I go for Brain Damage. Mainly because it's one of the first Floyd songs I fell in love with. But I'd go with Shine On if that were a choice. I hate voting other though.

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