Dub Side of the Moon
any of you heard it?

Is a dub/reggae version of dsotm (duh) done by the Easy Star All-Stars. i thinks its pretty cool, i really liked how they fit the trombone in on any colour you like.
there have been several threads on The Easy All-Stars in this forum..read back a page or two (or 6)...I own it and really like it, especially the use of bong and coughing sounds... :laugh: ...check out their newer re-creation...RadioDread-OK Computer
Who was dragged down by the stone.

sorry, i searched dub side of the moon and no results came up so i decided to make a new thread

and yes i have heard radiodread,i actually got to hear it performed before the actual album was released at all good last year
it's alright, I was just sayin'....

that's cool, I'd go see them given the chance for sure
Who was dragged down by the stone.


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