On the Notebook topic - important info
ok steve. thank you. i just wanted to get a bigger picture. i can see that if you break the rules to one moderator, you break the rules with all moderators, even if they are not here.

ok, i think i can grasp that. seems a bit strange that the mods in the first place did not ban him at all, that it took one to come back from holiday. so is there a rank structure in the mods, just like the ranked boxes on the left hand side of your post. that if you have 5 boxes, then a member with one box is below you.

i am sorry for saying this, but i thought this was a pink floyd board about pink floyd. i love it and it is a great board, but is there no leeway between the two? maybe we would all get on a little better a bit more, and i have seen a type of stressnes in some peoples posts when i joined. i was a moderator on a hawkwind sit. and i seen things there that would make anyone cringe

thank you for listening to me.
Steve Hill Wrote:I got along reasonably well with him, apart from at the end when he started to get abusive towards me, but that explanation was very one-sided.
That explanation wasn't "one-sided," which would imply that it has a minimal level of validity, it was simply incorrect as was documented ad nauseum.
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i dont understand, w1p. on what scale?
I dont see......
My opinion was only biased by the fact that I called him a nice man...well that is shared by all isnt it? Youcant just change an opinion on someone once they are banned, admit it, you liked him as welll...............
You just basically told psychedelicsyd that my story was basically a pile of poo, and that whatever you say must be correct...well, whats up with that?
Listen, I think that my comment didn't divulge in what actually happened at all - the full truth, waht I said is still true, just that it doesnt tell it all....
Do you want me to tell the story of iron fists and discrimination against any of Screams friends?
Well, I'll leave that to you to decide
Before flaming me, try reading what I actually posted.

Quote:This is our side of the story and, I feel, a little more balanced than the previous one you were told here. But, hopefully you can form the truth by reading both and seeing what matches up and what sounds more plausible.

How is that saying you posted a load of nonsense and that whatever I say must be correct?
Quote:but that explanation was very one-sided.

well, can you explain mr hill?
Don't start, we have stated time and time again the why's and how's of what happened, to any new members, if you have questions on what will and what will not get you banned PM me
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look, man. i dont want to cause trouble. can we do this by pm. i just dont know what happened. i want to know so i wont get banned myself. can we do that in pm?

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PM sent.
Woody1003 Wrote:
Quote:but that explanation was very one-sided.

well, can you explain mr hill?
Over and over and over and over and over and over again it was explained. The explanations were ignored and met with more demands for explanations. We are not going down this road again.

Read This Again Regarding What The Moderators Do
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