3 months till christmas
Am I one of the only teenagers that happily does not want an Ipod?

Waste o' money I say. Plus I can't work the thing worth crap.
Not sure what you were trying to say in that last sentence, but they certainly are worth the money. I know a lot of people going for mp3 players that don't want an iPod because everybody else has one and they want to stand out. I personally think that's a lame reason to go for another brand and almost every person I know that does buy a Creative, Sony, iRiver or such ends up regretting it. They aren't as easy to use, their battery life and storage capcities are almost always quoted at a lower quality, so people feel cheated, they often don't have anywhere near the number of features and if they have problems, it's hard getting them sorted out because everyone is around helping iPod owners, but the othjers barely get a look in, (and apple make it rediculously easy to repair software problems and diognose hardware faults).

I would say to all asking for them for Christmas though, hold off for a month and see if the video iPod gets launched in time for the holiday. It is suspected it could be launched on October 7th, but could be as late as early November. It will be a lot more expensive, but I know a lot will look at it and wish they had held on.
iPod video? I'm glad I've been saving my money then! My parents gave me about $150 for my birthday to save up for an iPod, and I've put in about $200, so I could afford one right now. Something has just told me to wait.

But an iPod video would be FANTASTIC! Now I'm really glad I'm waiting.

And just so I don't buy an iPod video right before a better model comes out, is there any place that anyone knows of that has information on when iPod releases new products? I can't find anything on the apple.com... is it hidden deep into the boon docks of the Apple website?

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It will get announced on the same day they start shipping. Keep an eye on macrumors.com for latest developments. One example is the iPod nano. That was announced three weeks ago today, we got our first batch about the same time as most other stores, which was within a week. Apple don't tend to announce months in advance, but days before they are available. The only exceptions of late were announcing their switch to x86 intels and the release of OSX 10.5, Leopard, both of which will be around as of next June/July.

If you wait for the video iPod, you could be waiting a week, a month, or even a year. Rumours fly around all over the place for them, but nothing is ever 100% until the very last minute.
ImTheFloor Wrote:Am I one of the only teenagers that happily does not want an Ipod?
I hate iPods Angry

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This Christmas I would like to adopt another sugar glider. Icky needs a friend.
And who's the fool who wears the crown?
I don't hate Ipods, I just want to go down as a CD collector (like vinyl collectors now) as the format gives way to MP3s.

I dunno, I just like CDs better.
ImTheFloor Wrote:I don't hate Ipods, I just want to go down as a CD collector (like vinyl collectors now) as the format gives way to MP3s.

I dunno, I just like CDs better.
o do I, that's why I listen to CDs at home, play them in the car and import them into iTunes to sync with my iPod so I can play on the go too. It's an additional item to CDs for most, not a replacement.
Christmas SUCKS!! Another stupid holiday, right up there with Halloween!

Nowhere to park at the Mall and basically anywhere else worth going to!

Tons of morons decorating their houses beyond imagination!

Too many greedy parents and bratty little children!

Sh*tty Christmas Music!

People just go way too far with it nowdays, everybody trys to one up eachother!

I like FESTIVUS much better! :)

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