Guess the Beatles lyric
Scream1008 Wrote:Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds! My dream sequence!

"...when I'm beside you...."
"ItĀ´s only love"
" ... and dry ... " :music:
"home and dry" right? Free As A Bird

"...listen babe...."
"Drive My Car"

" ... the eye can see ... "
Baby You're a Rich Man

"...any other way..."
"A Day In The Life"

" ... your fears ... "
Hey Bulldog. Ever see the video? Awesome.

Here's one from a song I'm currently obsessed with (it's beautiful): is dead...
Great video !!!!!!! Paul improvising the barking !!!!!!!! :laugh:

"For no one"

" ... me back again ... "
I've Just Seen a Face

I think this thread is dying a slow death.

'...tell me tell me....'
Helter Skelter! That was an easy one!

" and better...."

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