500 greatest albums - rolling stone
wish you were here rated 209 derserves a top 150 i think
no animals or any other in the 500
some interesting choices here, have to wonder about the criteria used to judge, but arguements are one thing which make 'lists" alot of fun, lol...and I'm gonna move this, also some brave soul should start a PFO topic on greatest 25 or so albums and compile a list...way too much work for me but might be interesting
Ice Cream Tastes Good in the Afternoon...
We shouldn't talk about Rolling Stone,their evaluations,rewievs and everything else.I will jusy frankly say that I have never seen more stupid people at one place(or in one magazin).Screw 'em!
It's all based on opinions and people's changing tastes over time. What critics 20 years ago would have constructed as a top 500, wouldn't be the same as the list is now, (ignoring all albums from that 20 year period since). Even different magazines and their editorial staff will have differing opinions. I would read nothing into these polls. It may annoy me that there was little Neil Young, and a few others, in that list, but I thought a lot of the albums near the top of the list were spot on and also typical of any recent poll. This list seems to be close to the current concensus on albums.
that list sucks.
JethroZepFloyd Wrote:that list sucks.
Glad you are here to make such an insightful comment. Any other pearls of wisdom?
Steve,you can't justify them.Not only becouse of floyd,but becouse of other artists too.
Actually, I'm going to agree with Steve. Sure, we'd all shuffle that list around to suit our own tastes, but that list is not out of whack too far from what I can tell.

When I see a list like that, I try not to get bogged down in what's ranked "ahead" of something else, but instead view it as an opportunity to discover or rediscover some great music.

If you really think it "sucks," fine. But have you even bothered to listen to 250 of those albums? And if not, are you qualified to say the list sucks?

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