Why was my thread deleted?
I looked at the rules to be sure I wasn't breaking any & I did not see a rulesaying we couldn't dedicate a thread to beautiful women, and post links to there pictures (None of which contained nudity...so whats the problem?) It was a thread dedicated to beautiful well known women.

What was wrong with that? To much chocolate for yall? But its cool, if it did break a rule I'm truly sorry, I must of missed it.
wow.......just got here and already in trouble.
I have no idea what went on, but if all you did is what you said, then there's no reason it should have been deleted. But then again, I didn't see the original thread to begin with. :\
it's actually very simple, and I even made the comment in the thread with the Napster ad, while nudity, whether semi or total, is readily available all over the web, we are a very family friendly site. Alot of our members are pretty young and we simply feel that PFO should not be a vehicle for links to such sites. Now feel free to shake your head and go, whatever, way too be stupid and silly, but this is a Pink Floyd board, Outside the Wall is for topics not relating directly to PF....but that doesn't mean it's gonna turn into a free for all
Ice Cream Tastes Good in the Afternoon...
Ok fine. But kids can easily turn there TV on and see women in bikinis, eve on Nickelodeon & Disney.

But, I am one of thsoe younger people, 17, I doubt theres any 12 year olds on this site. But its cool...Nothing Ima miss a blink over.
you're missing the point, I freely admit one can find stuff like that all over TV and all over the Web, but that DOES not mean we have to facillitate such images, and I'm not positive right now but there certainly have been 12 yr olds on here, I, as a parent would be a tad concerned if any of my children were looking at half nude girls when I assummed they were on a Pink Floyd discussion board, it's all a matter of perception and image, and THAT is not the image we as a community want to spread
Ice Cream Tastes Good in the Afternoon...
Ah, well, that does make a lot of sense now.

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