Dorkiest band of the 70's - Bay city Rollers?
Or Justin & the Heywards, or?
The Village People

Voodoo Chile & pre-Stones Mick Taylor
Takin' 5 at the Monterey Pop Festival

The Osmonds
sea green queen Wrote:The Village People
Definitely!!! :p :p

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chromeboomerang Wrote:Or Justin & the Heywards, or?
Ive never heard this group before but its Justin Hayward, how is that dorky? (for thoose who dont know hes in The Moody Blues)
The Cars.
^^^^^^^^^^ another cool band that isnt dorky Angry
viewaskew Wrote:^^^^^^^^^^ another cool band that isnt dorky Angry
Yeah... I'll go so far as to even say the Village People aren't dorky. Outrageous maybe, but not dorky.

I can understand why people might hate a song like "Y.M.C.A." ... but ... I would think the dorkiest band was so dorky that nobody ever heard of 'em. Just my opinion.
A real dorky band is Devo(you know they sing that song "Whip it").

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