Poll: favorite current late show host - if only i could put carson
Conan Obrien
Jay leno
David letterman
Chris fergson
Carson daily
jimmy kimmel
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favorite current late show host - if only i could put carson
obrien all the way fergson needs to go anyways
Conan O'brien, and don't none of you forget it!
Positively Conan, or at least, that's who I would side with were I still a victim of television.
And who's the fool who wears the crown?
When I first read this, I thought it was "current favorite late show host," which would have to the the late Johnny Carson for me. :)
With the exception of Carson, they are all funny but I think you all know who my vote went to...

So, who do you think should replace Conan in a few years when he replaces Leno? Stephen King is pretty damn fun on TV, and Michael Ian Black would be great.
Seriously, no Jon Stewart? Maybe he's not "late."
Definitely Conan.
Conan all the way! his sarcasm and timing is perfect and skits like a minute with frankenstein never seem to get old
rember the walker texas ranger lever hes gotoa bring that back\hes funny is chicago to
nobody else comes close to conan.

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