Baby dies after being left alone in car. - This really pisses me off.
I can't believe that the authorities aren't pressing charges:

Baby found dead in vehicle
Mother apparently forgot to drop off baby at day care
By Lisa Gibson
Herald Staff Writer

A 5-month-old baby died in a minivan Wednesday after the mother apparently forgot to drop the child off at day care.

The tragedy was discovered about 5:30 p.m. outside the Wonder Years 2 day care. The baby's mother stopped at the day care after work to pick up the child and was told by staff that the baby had not been dropped off. She realized then that the baby had been in her minivan all day.

"The mother had forgotten to drop off the child at day care in the morning," said Curt Kreun, owner of Wonder Years 2. "She actually came in the building to pick up the child and then realized what had happened."

The child was in a car seat in the back of the vehicle, according to Sgt. Jeff Burgess of the Grand Forks Police Department. A Wonder Years 2 staff member made the 911 call, according to Kreun.

Staff members had taken the baby out of the van and started CPR before the ambulance arrived. Kreun said he reached the scene about 6 p.m. and emergency personnel already had gotten the word from Altru to cease resuscitation.

"The child had probably passed away a while before she got to the day care," Kreun said.

Kreun, who has been in the child care business for years, said near-tragedies happen all too often.

"I know people who have gotten to work and realized they forgot to drop off their kids and had to go back."

Kreun said it would have been impossible for passersby to see the baby in the van, which had tinted windows.

"I walked around that van about 14 times after they left, and you would not have been able to see in there," he said.

The incident is under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Bureau, but police told Kreun they didn't expect charges to be filed.

"They're looking at it as a tragic accident," he said. "This is by far the most devastating thing I've had to witness."

"There are no arrests being made tonight," said Burgess. "I can tell you that."

The cause of death had not yet been confirmed Wednesday night, but a likely cause of death in cases where children are left in hot vehicles is hyperthermia.

The temperature in a parked car rises very rapidly, even when the windows are left open a crack. Studies show that the temperature can rise as much as 50 degrees in an hour.

Wednesday's high was 79 degrees, so the temperature in the van easily could have exceeded 100 degrees.

-Okay, I'm not buying this. How in the world could someone forget that their kid was in the backseat of their car?! And, even if it was an honest mistake, the parent should still be arrested for manslaughter. This kind of sh*t happens all too often, and how do we know the parent didn't do it on purpose, because they decided they really don't want the responsibility of taking care of a baby? Ridiculous. I don't like the quote by the Sgt., that there will be no arrests made. The cops are automatically assuming that it was an accident. That mother belongs in jail, as far as I'm concerned.
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This happened again? What a load of ********. That's how you know how much parents care about there kids, their to busy with their ****** jobs to remember about their ******* kids. Damn, how do you do that? don't babies tend to make noise? sure, it may have fallen asleep, but still. Most parents love their kids obsessively, and yet you manage to forget it in the car?

What's up with the no charges being laid? they call it a "tragic accident" which is exactly what criminal neglegence causing death is supposed to be used for.
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I hate f*cking stupid people
How about the possibility that it IS a tragic accident and the mothe is devastated far beyond what you can imagine? Not only would putting her in jail be useless, it would be cruel and inhuman.

I don't know how many conclusions I would draw from this newspaper story, but I am just saying try to keep an open mind.
Situations such as this are difficult to determine, and for a few reasons; while one parent might intentionally shingle and consciously condone their child's death, another wouldn't dream of it, but may just as simply make a critical mistake with tragic results and be accused of homicide. Obviously that isn't the case here as the woman wasn't arrested, but I'm sure there will be further investigations, and assuming it was accidental the lady will need time to reflect without being attacked. After all, details regardless, this woman is essentially accountable for her baby's death and that's something she'll live with for the rest of her life. It was her overstep that killed the kid, and she knows that I'm sure. Being persecuted for murder would be very damaging psychologically, but wouldn't raise the dead.

Even still, this story in itself should be a lesson to all. New parents should try to be attentive as possible, bearing in mind that whatever happens, they're substantially responsible.
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Of course it was an accident, I can't imagine any parent deliberately leaving their baby to asphyxiate in a minivan. That does not mean, however, that the mother is not completely and totally at fault here; what kind of person FORGETS THEIR BABY IN THE CAR?! That baby should have been on her mind every waking moment.

Sure, I feel bad that she lost her child, but that's about as far as my sympathy goes. I feel more sorry for the baby whose life never even began because of her.

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People this stupid shouldnt be allowed to have babys. I mean theres NO escuse to leave you baby in a car. This is why i pretty much dont like America because 85% of the people are like this girl. I'm moving to Australia.
The Final Cut Wrote:because 85% of the people are like this girl.
Would you mind backing that statistic?
And who's the fool who wears the crown?
From what ive observed during the little bit of time ive been on this earth. I wasnt saying all of you are like that im just saying from what i saw and the people i know. But there is also alot of smart people in america but they are waaaayy outnumbered by ignorant people.

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The Final Cut Wrote:From what ive observed
You used a percentage. Percentages are absolute. Your opinion isn't absolute, and therefore this is a false figure. Call me fastidious but that was a totally fabricated comment.
And who's the fool who wears the crown?

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