Roger Waters to Perform at Tsunami Aid
Yeah, but Davis is quite a limited guitarist.
what do u mean by limited?
Hey guys, Id like to coment if its alright. Steph, Way to go your a real trooper,(and Floydian) if i do say so myself, and i think your outlook on the issue is better than mine would be and most people i know. Wowser, you Steph Aid, GREAT idea! Ill be there. Caiti (OnTheWing12), You wouldnt know because you never saw "Live Aid". But all-in-all, I guess you guys are right. Roger's performance was not the best he ever did but hey, ya gotta admit, it was touching. I belive the reason he sang like that is because, behind those cold eyes and ego problem, there is a truly remorseful Roger who you can tell was affected emotionally by the Tsunami. We all know how WYWH was written about Syd, but taht night, Roger sent that song out to millions of traumatized victims. I think he was actually close to tears. :music:
i never saw live aid but i didnt know thats what the whole convo. was about. i was just saying all in all they are great musicians. and about the tsunami aid thing, it was really touching but hes deffinatly had better performances
There is no doub't Roger has performed better in the past, but I personally was looking forward to this performance, and I for one was not tell the truth I felt proud of him for doing his part.... Way to go Rog....
Rather disappointing vocals, regardless of what he's capable of...Waters' attempt was heartfelt and nice, but not TV worthy...then again ,relatively few things/events are TV worthy these days.
you can say that again
Age takes it's toll, it's the thought that counts...

Voodoo Chile & pre-Stones Mick Taylor
Takin' 5 at the Monterey Pop Festival

onthewing12 Wrote:what do u mean by limited?
he does the same old slow blues solos with anyone from Wyatt to Kate Bush.

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