Pink Floyd action figures coming in 2003
These figures are so great!
The packaging is wonderful!

I spotted them in a record store while we were in Toronto last month. I didn't buy any because I thought the price was just too high-I thought I could come back and try to find them at a lower price elsewhere and if all else failed I could get my friend in Toronto to go back to that record store and pick them up for me....
I think they were priced at around 25.00 CAD and I thought that was kind of steep for an action figure.
danfan Wrote:you can find plenty if not all the figures from series 1,2 and soon 3 from I'm trying to figure out which ones to get or get the whole set for around $80 US. They look sweeeeeeett !!!!!!!!!! Cheers hammers
What kind of search do I do to find them on this site?
I've tried pink floyd action figures and it's saying that I need to try another search.

Nevermind. Found them.

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I saw these figuers in the mall the other day. I was going to buy it right then and there, not because I needed it, but rather because it was so extremely awsome.... then I saw the price $89.99 - it was at that moment that I had to say 'F*** that!' If the price ever goes down, I will be on that like flies on, well, you all know what I mean.
great!!!! this will bring out the nerd in all of us to go out and get those bad boys rocker

rocker That's awesome. I'll buy thm as collectibles
if there was an action figure of me, it would be in a cream box :laugh: rocker lmao....
Scream Thy Last Scream Wrote:if there was an action figure of me, it would be in a cream box :laugh: rocker lmao....

By the way, does anyone know if these are ACTION figures, in the true sense of the word?

I've been to the mall and picked up the box. I must say, it was pretty heavy. It feels more like some sort of ceramic/glass/whatever model.
They're probably not ACTION figures. It's not like the schoolmaster has super child-beating sticks or the mother has awsome over-protective wall/arms.
Nice box. Where'd ya get it?
You wouldn't believe how many people I had to fight to get it.

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