New Interview with Dave Kilminster Published
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New Interview with Dave Kilminster Published

[Image: niwdkp-clip.jpg]The April 2007 issue of the UK's Guitar Techniques magazine includes a fascinating, three page interview with Dave Kilminster, the guitarist currently performing on Roger Waters' 2007 tour alongside Snowy White and Andy Fairweather-Low.

The article is also illustrated with a nice selection of in-concert shots, showing some of the lighting and pyro effects currently in use on Roger's tour.

Dave has a long history with Guitarist and Guitar Techniques magazines, being their first Guitarist of the year, way back in 1990, and has often written witty and insightful articles for them.

With the tables turned on him, it was his turn to be under interrogation. Kicking things off, he talked of how he was invited to audition for Roger ("We want you to sing and play just like David Gilmour...") and how badly the audition went for Dave.

Despite this, he obviously got the job, but that was the start of his problems - rehearsals were fraught with personal problems for Dave, which thankfully were resolved by the last day of dress rehearsals in Windsor.

There was a bright side to the rehearsals though - he got to meet Richard Wright and David Gilmour, who were preparing for the On An Island tour. Gilmour was apparently "especially friendly, and he smiled when I told him I was going to be his 'stunt double'."

The rest of the interview has Dave relating some of the many highlights from the tour, not least an interesting experience in a Moscow restaurant which included Roger et al signing "You'll Never Walk Alone" at the tops of the their voices, to the consternation of the staff...

Guitar Techniques magazine is available in UK stores and selected locations worldwide as an import. Information about subscriptions and ordering back issues is at

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I find it fascinating that this gets on the front page. when a few months ago i got a presentation sent from dave about his guitar tones and his method of playing with roger and posted it in musicians section
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PFOnline just gave the moderators the ability to add news to the home page of this site about a week ago so we weren't able to update the news until now. I just pulled some of the most recent news from Brain Damage (who gave us permission to use their material) to get this site up to date at bit since it's been ages since the news was updated. If you or anyone hears of any news that might be worthy of posting on the home page, contact a mod and we'll check it out and decide if it should be posted as a news story. The news will be updated a lot more frequently now that there's a group of us who can take care of it.

I debated whether or not this particular story was "worthy" of posting on the main page, but I ultimately decided to do it because it includes material from Roger's current tour. Also, PFOnline told us that if Brain Damage is reporting it, it's probably worthy of posting here. Besides, as Pink Floyd gets older and less active, we'll take anything we can get that is somehow related to the band that could be called "news" lol.
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