The Beatles - when?
When was it that Dave worked with The Beatles. Was he a guest on an album or did he tour as a fill-in for John or what?
David has never worked with the Beatles, but he has helped out his pal Sir Paul by appearing on a few tracks of his in the past. Actually, David(and Polly) was one of the few invited to Paul's wedding. He's also worked a bit with Ringo (Ringorama).
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just figured id throw this in, but during the making of WYWH I belive it was, the floyd went next door in abbey road studios and dropped in on the beatles while recording "fixing hole"
No, that was during PATGOD, the Beatles had already split by the time WYWH came out.
yeah thats right, i guess i may have too bad of a memory that i can't even remember little things like that i guess. I knew it was something like that. well thanks for at least correcting me. :)
No worries, I have a horrible memory too. I hope it didn't come across if I was correcting you out of spite.
No dude its cool. I just forget small things like that but not totally. just enough to screw up the information just alittle you could say. Im actuall glad you told me the right info.
Yay! Anything to help a Floydie out.
:p :;):

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That's really cool, good for him.

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