How do you rate the albums?
How do you rate his solo albums? Not as interesting as the one in the Albums section because there is less room for debate but who cares:

3.Radio KAOS--Ok, you can diss AMLOR for reaking of 80s cheesiness but its not like this is any better. Its got everything... Good songs, good writing, good production, classic era Floyd sonic overlayering, except one thing. Its just not Roger. Its an 80s processed rock interpretation of himself.

2.Amused To Death--Good. Fantastic. Wonderful, but at times it lags a bit. The writing is biting but by this time age was showing its ugly head and Waters was getting a bit repetitive.

1.Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking--Roger at his finest. His vocals are top notch, as are his lyrics. This album is a step up from The Final Cut in that its not as tense. My guess as to why this is would be that he was no longer under the pressure of making a Pink Floyd album so he just said **** it, I'm getting an all-female backing R&B band and Eric Clapton and I'm just going to go nuts. The flow is perfect, and, perhaps more than even Dark Side Of The Moon, when listened to in its entirety it feels as though it was one big song.

Maybe this should be pinned but like I said, not as much room for discussion so maybe not.
this aint easy

3.Pros & Cons

Now i know i have a new found love for this album, but yet it still can't quite make it any higher. Anyways, it kicks ass and you should give it a chance if you haven't already

2.Radio KAOS

Loved it since i got it. The eightiesness is what makes it so fun! Also is good, and also worth a chance.

1.Amused to Death

Flat out unbeatable, lyrically and musically great! Kicks the most ass and is worthy of your love.

Well thats it, hope this enlightened yourlife!

rocker rocker rocker
Yeah, its fun. But so are Poison. And if your a big Poison fan than get off the site.

Quote:The eightiesness is what makes it so fun!
but its fun eighties, like lets dance by bowie, not trashy eighties like poison.
Yeah. But Roger's not fun. He's Roger freakin' Waters! He's the antithesis of fun rock and roll!!
You make a good point there, so i guess for a roger waters album, it's lame, but as just an album, its good.
pointmeatthesky Wrote:You make a good point there, so i guess for a roger waters album, it's lame, but as just an album, its good.
So how come I get torn apart when I say that about AMLOR?
well who tears you apart? If its people who don't like AMLOR, just remember there wrong. AMLOR is cool.
In my opinion its the 2nd best album with the words Pink and Floyd on it.

But thats another forum...
When I first got KAOS I was so excited! I loved Amused To Death and Pros And Cons Of Hitchiking and then when I popped it in my CDplayer and Radio Waves started I felt like my hero had finally bent over for the establishment, which isn't true when you think about it. I think that happened on Wish You Were Here (not saying its bad, just overly commercial friendly)

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