Plea for help in Manchester... - Tickets
Hi. I have been hopefully searching ebay now for quite some time in a desperate attempt to get tickets for David's Manchester Bridgewater Hall show, and all to no avail. Whilst at times the supply of tickets is plentyful, they are somewhat extortionately priced for a skint part-time working student such as myself.

I was wondering if any generous person out there had a spare Manchester ticket they would be willing to sell to a real fan, who genuinely loves David's music, and was too young to see him first time round, rather than a tout who intends to make a blind profit from the sale.

If so, I would be grateful if you could contact me on:

, and name your price. I can also promise you a figurative pint for your kindness and help in the matter.

Thanks for reading....
If i were you, i'd go to the Bridgewater Hall and ask myself if there was any spare. Although its risky, its worth a try.

I got myself 2 tickets on the day they came out, within 15 mins they had sold out. Only Ebay had a few but on Gilmours offical site it says they are on the lookout at venues of Ebay'ed tickets...

Good Luck
Called them and they said there weren't any spare, but to try nearer the time in case of cancellations. If all else fails, I'm just going to go down on the night and compete with touts, or do some doctor-ish haggling of my way in...
He may do more shows in the UK in the summer.. you'll just have to keep a look-out on
Come and join us at and continue the PFO legacy.
That's a point. I'm still going to keep searching though. I know some people say ebay's an advantage because of tickets available up to the event, but i think it's killing music cause it provides a wider prospective for touts, who until ten years ago were content with hovering outside the venues looking dodgy. This isn't the fault of ebay themselves, but there's a lot of greedy people out there who stop genuine fans getting a look in.

Cheers for your help, anyone who replied. Still open though. If anyone has a cancellation ticket or anything spare, please contact me. Thanks.

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