Poll: Favourite Track from "David Gilmour" - 1978
There\'s No Way Out of Here
Cry From the Street
So Far Away
Short and Sweet
Raise My Rent
No Way
It\'s Definitley
I Can\'t Breathe Anymore
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Favourite Track from "David Gilmour" - 1978
I was bored, and was re-visiting this album. Too bad David's not playing any of these on his tour (so far). What's your favourite?

Mine was 'Cry From the Street', ultimate highway driving song me for.
Wow I thought I was the only one who Loved Cry From the street. Killer riff isnt it? I picked it as well
I picked Theres No Way Out Of Here, but isn't this a cover?
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nice to see domine and outside have such good taste. The solo at the end of cry from the street is UNBEATABLE, personally in my top 3 solos at least, and that includes PF solos. rocker rocker

cry from the street is my vote without a second thought
Raise my rent please...
I chose "Cry From the Street" - great, great song. I do wish he would have acknowledged his 1st 2 solo records in the recent shows....both are great, great records.
I love the change of tune at the end, right after a beautiful solo and song. 'No Way' is my second fav (not There's No Way, which is 3rd).

Great album, btw, different kind of Rock than PF, but sounds familiar.

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my favorite song is on an island, the first solo in that song moves me emotionally and makes me feel complete, almost as good as being with a gf rocker
I admire 'Raise My Rent' and I guess this instrumental had links with 'Comfortably Numb' guitar solo.

Secondly, I Can't Breath Anymore sounds good.
As salt resolved in the ocean
I was swallowed in God's sea,
Past faith, past unbelieving,
Past doubt, past certainty.
Suddenly in my bosom
A star shone clear and bright;
All the suns of heaven
Vanished in that star's light.
My favourite is definitely "There's No Way Out of Here"

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