Gilmour and Cocaine
I agree, cocaine does nothing positive for anyone. In my younger days I experimented with different drugs......and with cocaine, I always found myself desperately trying to get back to the high that I got on the first or second line...................then we would run out and I would feel like **** for 4 or 5 hours until I fell asleep; usually enduced by is a stupid and pointless drug.

I prefer a glass of red wine and the occasional toke off some premium grass.....last summer I went on an overnight canoeing trip with some close friends and we took a heavy dose of LSD, which was amazing.........but I would never endorse drug use of any kind; it is illegal.
whong Wrote:Was just reading through a recent interview article with Dave talking about the usual solo album and Floyd subject matter, but at one point, he opened up on the subject of vices.

He went on to say that around the time of his divorce from Ginger, he got into the "usual rock star coke lifestyle". The first I've heard of this, and never thought too much about it. Always figured Dave to be more of a pothead, really. When the subject of cocaine comes up, most fans will naturally think of Rick.

I must say, Gilmour nails it on the head with one line, and this is a direct quote....."It's a drug that does nothing for anyone." True words, those! Actually it turns people into shells of people. It has the ability to deceive it's user, building up false confidence, "allowing" them to become more talkative and all the rest. "It left me with a prematurely aged heart", was another comment Gilmour made on the subject.

The stuff is just bad for you, period. Even in moderation - if there's really such a thing with cocaine. I used to do quite a lot of coke for a period of about two years, going back some years now. Lived with a coke dealer, conveniently enough, so I always had easy access to it, and it became a daily part of life. I'd lost my drivers license to DUI for a year during this time, and I took up biking it to work. I remember usually doing no less than six "bumps" before hopping on my 14 speed racing bike and giving it everything I had, hauling ass to work, some 15-18 miles away. With the wind to my back, I could make it in about half an hour, most days. Looking back on that, I'm probably incredibly lucky that my heart didn't literally explode in my chest cavity.

The end for me was cold turkey. I just got pissed. I think I also freaked out a number of people I associated myself with at the time, with some of them thinking I'd become a narc or something. In fact, I had a bit of fun with that...heh-heh-heh! After awhile, after seeing what it really brings out in people......jaws and teeth grinding in nervous tension, those beady and greedy little eyes just fixed on the mirror getting past around, and not giving two shits about anything or anyone.....that's what coke's really about, I'd had enough of it. With just one really dumb exception a couple years later, I never did any again. The payback is get your health back, you don't have perpetually messed up sinuses, and your finances improve greatly.

Yeah....I was a bit surprised at Dave's remarks on the subject, but he's absolutely right. In fact everything he said was spot on, and it's a good read. It's at the Outside The Wall site for anyone interested.....
Wow, I never knew Dave used cocain. (I never even believed Rick did either, but now I'm not so sure.) In any case, good for Dave for cleaning up and not letting it control his life. (And Rick too, if he had a similar experience.)

And a very inspirational story Whong, I'm glad you beat it as well! :)

I don't think ANY drug does anything for anyone, in my opinion.

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Not going to say cocaine - or any drug - is good, but it IS possible to do it moderately. I used once, MAYBE twice a month for about 6 months. Stopped because my friends weren't so lucky, and I couldn't be around that scene any more.

If somebody is scared of trying mushrooms, they shouldn't. You need to be completely comfortable with the idea or else that shred of doubt is going to wreak havoc during the trip. I used to eat them once in a while, but haven't since last summer because they really brought out my OCD. Well, they made me aware of my OCD, at least. So when I'm tripping, I start worrying and analyzing EVERYTHING.

That being said, mushrooms also gave me 5 minutes of complete bliss, letting me know what it's like to not worry about anything (and then I came down and thougth I was dying, but anyway...). So in no way do I regret that period of my life.

So yeah, cocaine isn't the devil, and mushrooms aren't angels.

And for the record, I think Maynard DID use psychadelics, but doesn't anymore. I remember an interview a long time ago where he said something like, "The point of psychadelics is experience that state of happiness once, then figure out how ot get back there while sober."
Ted Nugent, Angus Young, Frank Zappa.

Tony Iommi tells a story of staying up til 5 jamming with Cozy Powell. they were all coked out & next day they got up & played what they were doing, & Tony said ;I decided right then & there never to do it again.
I know it would never happen but I would love to see/read an interview with the guys (especially Gilmour) about their craziest drug stories. I know they have to have some good ones!
Maybe Cocaine hypes them up so much, they can stay awake for 48 hours at a stretch. But, I agree with most everyone else. David Gilmour, if anything, seems like he would have been into whiskey and such. But, that so mundane. He might have said Cocaine so he could be in recovery with a better class of addict.
NeonMosfet Wrote:Maybe Cocaine hypes them up so much, they can stay awake for 48 hours at a stretch. But, I agree with most everyone else. David Gilmour, if anything, seems like he would have been into whiskey and such. But, that so mundane. He might have said Cocaine so he could be in recovery with a better class of addict.
Ya he wouldn't do crack he just wouldn't
Quite sad to see that he started using it.....good to see hes off of it though!
It's good to see they have all recovered from their previous addictions and bad habits. Shows they have really grown up!! rocker
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I've read a few things here and there and All of the members admit to having a bit of a coke problem in the late 70's, but who didn't?...especially "ROCK STARS"....I mean I don't think Floyd had problems like say Zepplin or The Who, but I can remember in the late 70's Coke wasn't even thought of as a "hard" drug...there was even talk in the US of Decriminalzation around the time of Carter/Ford...Reagan put a stop to all that, and Crack really screwed up did freebasing...but there was a time when coke was totally recreational and not frowned on at all...2nd half of the 70' I dating myself, or does anyone else remember?....I DO REALIZE that we have found in the last 20 years that it's a major problem..but at the time no one knew any better and it was like caviar or something, a status thing..Champagne/ people did coke..poor people did heroin...yeah, stereotype but true for a while there.

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