Poll: Can you play the keyboards? - Well? Can you?
I don\'t know how to play
I know a little
I\'m learning currently
I know quiet a lot
I\'m Rick Wright
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Can you play the keyboards? - Well? Can you?
I've been playing the piano since I was five, so I guess... O_O Holy ****, I've been playing the piano for ten years?!

I've never tried but I could probably play Pink Floyd, it doesn't sound all that difficult compared to some of the Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, or Rachmaninoff I've worked my way through (YES this is a very dorky thing to say but I think I can be proud of it here for some reason or other).

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I used to play piano for about 2 or 3 years but then my teacher had to stop due to high blood pressure. And I'm not kidding about that. Plus, I didn't feel like playing anymore. I then decided to take up saxophone which was a mistake. I took about a 2-month rest from musical instruments and now I play the drums. And I'm sticking with it. They're such an amazing instrument. I know some of "Money" on the drums and most of "Pigs TDO". I'm gonna try to learn others as I progress. I've been drumming now for about 3 years and I LOVE it.
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I know a bit of it, but nothing too ellaborate.
i know a little..... no rick wright
i voted "i know quite a lot" but i'm probably close to being "i'm rick wright"

i've been playing for probably about 8-10 years but there was a gap in the middle where i didn't play for a while. up until a couple of years ago i'd only been playing written-out music but now i can improvise and even play some pink floyd stuff. in a way rick wright is my keyboard teacher as i've learned some stuff from listening to him playing.
YES i just got the pink floyd anthology rocker
Is Rick Wright's music difficult? I have his stuff from The Wall and so on and it seems more like a sightreading exercise than anything else.
I can play a C chord rocker
I can play a little bit of keys. If I want to learn the chords to a song, though I have to have my guitar by my side to play the scales along with THIS chord formula sheet in order to figure them out. I've gotta start working on memorizing those formulas, they're pretty nifty.
I've played somewhere around 7 years. I think I am somewhere in the vacinity of being Rick Wright.

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