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Was listen to David Gilmour in concert today for the first time since getting Broken China and I was wondering which version of Breakthrough you all like best.
Personaly I like the one on David Gilmour in concert. the guitar solo Dave ad's to the end of the song is perfect and proof to me that had Broken China been a Floyd album with Dave adding his own personal touch to it it could have been thebest Floyd album ever.
Album version is great, but the version on Dave's dvd is simply stunning. It's nice to hear Rick singing it, and the whole band really gets into playing the song.....Dave in particular, during his mind bending solo!

That whole dvd is terrific, but 'Breakthrough' is a very special highlight!

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Agree, the David Gilmour version is a lot better, really enjoyed it on the DVD, longer and better with a little choir, and I actually thought Rick sung well, which is a relief after hearing a few dodgy 'comfortably numb' efforts. Surprised this is not a bigger song than it is.

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