Poll: Nick Mason under-rated as drummer? - Poll
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Nick Mason under-rated as drummer? - Poll
He's definitely underrated. Some songs are really added to by his drum and percussion work. Can't remember which ones right now (too early in the morning, not enough sleep). Have to dig out all the albums and remind myself!
Is anyone following Nick on Facebook? (Nick Mason (Official)) I'm hooked. I love wondering what Nick's up to, and then reading that he's having lunch at One Alfred Place with his daughter & her husband Marino Franchitti (who, Nick informed us, will be racing Le Mans this year). Check out his post from February 21st...photos of him in "fluffy coats". I'd seen the pictures before, but never courtesy of the man himself. It's very cool, and Nick is very generous to his fans. He recently posted some pics of his drums. Surreal, I tell you. Check it out!

Forgot to add that he also posts videos of Floyd performances.
everything under the sun
Yes, I think he's incredibly underrated, however, he's not one of the greatest of all time. He's the best drummer that Pink Floyd could have had; he kept a beat going, he could have some flourishes when he wanted or needed to, and he got the job done. I personally love him for the simplicity of his playing style. (All the easier to cover. Biggrin)

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