Poll: Favourite Syd-era album?
Pink Floyd: Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Pink Floyd: Saucerful Of Secrets
Syd Barrett: The Madcap Laughs
Syd Barrett: Barrett
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Favourite Syd-era album?
Wowser: if we wanted to talk about those rodents of yours we'd be on a rodent forum, surely?

The PHP Ikonboard is worth pfonline considering with care if/whenever he next feels an upgrade is in order, I think.

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The Madcap Laughs is the best work in my opinion!
Of course that the revolutionary Piper is a great work too, but I still prefer the Madcap because of all the feelings involved!
I cried once listening to Dark Globe!
"WonĀ´t you miss me?"
"WouldnĀ´t you miss me at all?"
Even if it looks like irony, the emotions envolved create a great atmosphere!
Wouldn't You Miss Me: the best of Syd Barrett is well worth looking into for those who don't want to buy the solo albums individually. Contrary to what might be said, most of Syd's solo work is superb (just as his PF work is of course, but that's generally accepted already).

I'd say it's definitely worth buying Piper and Saucerful as well as Relics (a compilation of Syd-era PF singles/B-sides) because they sound great in their entireities - you don't get a full dose from just the singles or any other selected tracks alone. I have every PF album, including Relics, which is well worth a play now and then, but Piper is an all-time classic, and Saucerful ends with the magnificient Syd song Jugband Blues that HAS to be heard.
even me, as a post waters PF fan, recently bought thr best of Syd wouldn't you miss me. i love it, golden hair and effervecing elephant are my favourites. if u like syd, check out the soft boys or robyn hitchcock, in fact if you like syd, HE IS A MUST. some may have seen Robyn perfoming dominoes in his back garden on that bbc documentary
It's great you got the Best of Syd compilation I'd been talking about, wowser.
This thread is very wierd indeed. Why do people come to the Syd Barrett portion of the message board and start complaining about him. Seems a little off to me. Isnt this part for appreciation of his works?

And to the person who was saying they think Syd was no good in PF whatsoever is pretty ignorant. All opinions aside regarding whether or not he was a good musician or addition to Pink Floyd, without him who would have started it?

If you give him no credit or respect for the brilliant man he was, at least give him the acknowledgment he deserves.

Most people on this board can say PF is their favorite band and i think Syd deserves a shrine to his name for being the founder of that at least. Show some respect for god sakes.
I started this thread at least a year ago, I think, when most of you were still wearing short trousers.

I agree Syd is great, as regular visitors will already know.

Was at the Tate Modern art gallery in London today and one of the shop staff was singing Syd's solo song "Bob Dylan Blues" to his colleague behind the counter. Great song available on Best Of type CD.
Please, stop voting for the PF albums. I want The Madcap to win. Thank you in advance. :)
simps Wrote:Was at the Tate Modern art gallery in London today and one of the shop staff was singing Syd's solo song "Bob Dylan Blues" to his colleague behind the counter.
Haha that's so cool. Floydian sightings can be found anywhere you look. :)
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