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  1. I'll be grateful in case you proceed this in future. Lots of other folks will probably be benefited out of your writing. Cheers! said:

    I’ll immediately hold of your rss feed as I can not to find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you?ve any?


  2. abc said:

    You made some clear points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found most guys will agree with your site.

  3. K. Chalfant said:

    I’ve been a Pink fan since I was a teen I’m 53 now and I love the looks I get when I’m driving down the road windows down blaring some dark side or anything Pink rock on 4ever!

  4. kevin lundblad said:

    , ive listened to ur music for years, but never fully grasped the message till last night!….n yes im totally sober, just had a dream, n i havent listened to u guys for prolly 6 months!(no offense!). Maybe it means something different for everyone, not sure. It spoke volumes as to acceptance n tolerance. Think ill b better person going forward!,or at least i can try!!!….weird ur music was in my dream!lol

  5. c1sp said:

    Faces behind masks yet you and I are POLES APART I am marooned on a far away island haunted by our past.

  6. Andrea Resch said:

    die beste gruppe aller zeiten! gruß aus Wien.;)

  7. John Sposato said:

    The Endless River coming in November! Just hope it’s not mostly instrumentals.

  8. Charles Stokes said:

    My father was a pilot and I flew with him often. I always wanted to play ” Learning to Fly” when we flew in Alaska in his SuperCub. Technology hadn’t made it’s way far enough forward to allow me to do that, and he sadly has passed away since then. Your music is sad and retrospective, but at the same time glorious and at times, festive. Thank you. Every time

  9. Ulrike said:

    I am interested in the concert from Pink Floyd that they gave 1989 in Venice. Is the concert on DVD available? If yes, where can I order the DVD and how expensive is it? Delivery and shipping to Germany should be possible. Thank you for all answers.
    Greets from Ulrike

  10. Mark Sizemore said:

    Feb 13 2014

  11. Luigi Pollastro said:

    In my life your music is my life

  12. c1sp said:


  13. Terry Dietz said:

    I am 52 years old and can’t go one day with out listening to Pink Floyd. Unfortunately when I was younger I wasn’t into Pink Floyd as much as I am now.
    I so regret I missed the opportunity to see them live, this digs at me everyday, and the possibility of seeing them live now is almost never going to be. I, and many other people can only wish for something to bring the remaining members together for another life’s dream.
    PLEASE let’s make this happen some how. We all need it!!!!

    Thank you for the many years of uncompareable music and artistry. I relive daily not just music from the past, but constantly viewing videos from the past, I can’t get enough. What’s happened to me? But I don’t think I’m alone here, based on the YouTube responses that may be posted a few minutes ago, or hours ago. There is nothing like the music Pink Floyd produces!!

  14. said:

    f?s do Pink Floyd, send me no facebook.
    claudio pinheiro aguiar.

  15. alex said:

    Woohoo, I found this site again. I had stumbled across it a good time back, and never got around to bookmarking it, it was on my mind, and hapened to find it, and man oh man am i glad about that. Wonderful site, great job/

  16. Leonard said:

    Great site!

  17. darren ryan said:

    hi guys, was wondering if anyone could help with some information on a rare cd i have, Earls Bells, recorded during division bell tour 1994, it is number 4 of only a 1000 copies. can anyone help

  18. Mr. Stoned/STONED RECORDS said:

    I saw Pink Floyd LIVE for the first time back in summer 1980 when PF performed The Wall live at Earls Court in London. We had tickets for the first show (world premiere) of The Wall. After that PF left for NYC and LA.

    After this fantastic live concert I have seen PF many times… both in Denmark and here in Sweden. Pink Floyd is still – in my memory – the BEST and most FANTASTIC rock band in the world.

    Mr. Stoned

  19. Yvette Hiatt said:

    I saw The Wall live Tuesday night in Portland, Or. It was hands down the LOUDEST, the BEST, most THEATRICAL, most ENTERTAINING performance I have been to. Roger Waters, Man your the BEST & what TALENT you have. Could barely see ya but MAN, I am still smiling from ear to ear…COME BACK SOON…

  20. BIAGIO said:


  21. Jill Kern said:

    I discovered Dark Side of the Moon many years ago when I was going through a terrible depression and thought I might be “losing it”. Every time I think of my gratitude to this band for helping me bear that unbearable part of my life, it brings me near tears. It takes blood, sweat and tears to write meaningful music, but the people it saves in one way or another are, I imagine, innumerable.

  22. Terri Ann Laws said:

    Best music and best musicians of all time. Words,lyrics, arrangement and backing absolutely feed the soul.
    Thanks all of you :-) x

  23. RussH said:

    Seen PF & RW live four times over the decades. Never ceased to amaze. Nice to see a new generation tuning in.

    Dark Side Of The Moon Concert Earls Court Exhibition Centre London Saturday 19th May 1973

    In the Flesh concert Wembley Arena London Saturday March 19, 1977

    The Wall concert Earls Court London Saturday 13th June 1981

    The Wall concert O2 Arena Greenwich London Wednesday 18 May 2011

  24. Kayla said:

    So I have recently been reading Helter Skelter and have been noticing things. (I’m 16 and I plan on being a forensic psychologist so don’t judge how much of a loser I’m being right now.) Anyways, there are three murders. Hinman, Tate, and LaBianca. So they all have some sort of word associated with each crime. ‘POLITICAL PIGGIES’, ‘PIGS’, and ‘WAR’ ‘DEATH TO PIGS’ ‘RISE’ and ‘HEALTER SKELTER’, respectively. I know a lot of people think the murders are related to and or inspired by the song Piggies by The Beatles. But, think of this. Pink Floyd’s album Animals (1977) was after the murders. Now everyone thinks the song Pigs (Three Different Ones) is about George Orwell’s Animal Farm and all the corrupt political happenings. Which, obviously I can see. It does seem like the song is written about that. But, what if there is a second or double meaning to the song. The song is entitled Pigs. There is clearly a reference to pigs in Helter Skelter. Also, in parentheses the words Three Different Ones is written. There are three references to pigs in Helter Skelter. The Hinman murder mentions Political Piggies, the Tate murders mentions Pigs, and the LaBianca murder mentions Death To Pigs. There are three references to pigs in Helter Skelter. Now, granted I am only on page seventy-one of the book, I am guessing that the pigs are a symbol of political issues as well. I’m not completely sure but that is what I guess the reference of pigs symbolizes. That’s why I think the Pink Floyd song Pigs (Three Different Ones) was written about Helter Skelter, or was written in part as a reflection to Helter Skelter.

    Mind you I could be completely wrong and sound like the biggest idiot to ever grace this earth, but this is just my guess. I just wanted to see if anyone else found this correlation or had any thought on the matter.

  25. Lukas said:

    extremely resourscful!

  26. janet mabie said said:

    the best concert i have eveer seen in my like mile high staduim 1996

  27. Oscar Guerra said:

    Estoy aqui recordando mi viaje de México a San Antinio, TX. En 1994 , Para asistir al mas grande espect?culo al que he asistido en mi vida…su concierto THE DIVISION BELL.

    Saludos desde Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, México.

    “Pink Floyd” el mejor y mas grande grupo de Rock del Mundo.

  28. lynn Vogt said:

    I’m here because I’m trying to keep my son’s memory alive through his great love for Pink Floyd. Jay Bell (my son) passed away at 35 years old on April 3, 2011. Along with friends and his dad and uncle he traveled from La Ronge, Saskatchewan to attend the Roger Waters concert in Quebec late last year. He was so grateful for that experience. His face beamed each time he had the chance to talk about it. His admiration and enjoyment of all music by Pink Floyd was with him to the very last of his time alive. His celebration of life included Pink Floyd soundtracks, a truly close friend composed a tribute to him using Pink Floyd lyrics and he was laid to rest with his Pink Floyd underwear. Don’t know if this is possible but a final message to Jay Bell from Pink Floyd would be so beautiful. I know he’d be one happy crazy diamond shining up there. His facebook page is Jay Bell Birthdate January 21, 1976.

  29. Luc B-C said:

    Gotta say Pink Floyd is in my top 2 bands of all time and I hope that will never change. They are amazing and have inspired me. I am 15 years old and have been a fan for a year now. I’m into vinyl and have seen Roger Waters live. AMAZING SHOW one of the best moments of my life, so far!!!! Anyone who doubts the floyd will perish. Too many of my friend “hate” Pink Floyd, its not healthy. Pink Floyd Online is the one place I can really enjoy the experience with dedicated, knowledgable fans who support each other and have enlightened alot about Pink Floyd for me. Thanks you!

  30. Gemm said:

    PD: Please, Gilmour, come to Barcelona!

  31. Gemm said:

    I’m from Spain, I’m 15. When I was 13 I started to listen to Pink Floyd because one day my dad made me listen to “Another Brick In The Wall”, and I loved it. When I was 14, on my dad’s birtdhay day, we saw “The Wall” film. Since that day, my life has changed, nothing is the same as before. I have seen the film lots of times, I just listen to Pink Floyd every day, and if I can’t, I listen or sing it in my head. Nobody in my class understands me. I’ve found only a few friends who can understand my passion about Pink Floyd. My mother says that it’s very strange for a teenager in this times and this society, to be like I am, and to love this type of music like no other loves in my family. This 2011, my uncle gave me an electric guitar, I was so happy, next course I’ll go to guitar lessons and I won’t stop till I know all of the Pink Floyd songs. You’re the best, you’ve changed my way of living, my way of feeling, your music elevates my soul and spirit to a happiness level that I never felt before. The day I noticed that Roger Waters was coming in Barcelona with “The Wall Tour” this 2011, my parents bought some tickets. I just can’t believe that that tickets are for me and them. I’ll see Roger, I’ll listen The Wall, I’ll be high for a night. That’s too much for me.
    Thank you so much, I don’t know what would I have done without Pink Floyd.

    Pink Floyd Forever.

  32. Dutch-Online said:

    With Mucho Greetings to all i know

    Pink Floyd Forever

  33. lucas said:

    PINK FlOYD is the best band of all time no doubt

  34. One Of The Few said:

    Words cannot describe what your music means to me. Thankyou so much for everything! And keep rockin’!

  35. Lea said:

    Heye, here’s a fan from germany. I’m 16 years old and completely in love with this music. Thanks for all the Tabs and extras on this site.
    The sun is eclipsed by the moon…

  36. Mark Brown said:

    Me and my ex-wife really love your music and listen to it constantly.You are the greatest musicians that ever lived. I wish we could have seen your shows.See you on the darkside of the moon.

  37. Trouser Snaaake said:

    by george, i think i’ve got it

  38. jakey said:

    hey dave you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Bruce Waren said:

    Hey Roger, David and Nick! sup? You guys R-O-C-K!!

  40. mitch said:

    I love the new site! I haven’t seen a change on Gilmours site for a very long time. I’m glad Roger did something to his site, the Sony logo got old fast! Let’s just all hope that those two will put their differences aside for the remainder of life, they shouldn’t squabble over money, they both have enough to buy a small country! Can’t wait to see Rogers new Wall concert!

  41. Debbie & Daryl Austin said:

    Awesome group of my generations.

  42. Daman said:

    My parents went to a Pink Floyd concert years ago. Left me at home… I was so young. If you guys do this, it’ll give the younger generation the chance to see what a REAL artist is.

  43. soco7410 said:

    I would just like to say if any “former” floyd members come upon this page please know that you easily are the greatest band there ever has been and ever will be … just like someone below said you changed my life forever and to see a reunion so i can see you guys live before we all die i would just die feeling accomplished even if i die poor i don’t care i got to see floyd in a sense … also just like dark side of the rainbow there is a new sync – Dark side of Nemo

  44. Henry Tapaninen said:

    Wright on Syd

  45. Ex Pink Floyd Fan said:

    No I won’t check local listing times for your idiot tube crime show. It’s a very sad day when even Pink Floyd sells out to the propganda machine for a few bucks.

  46. robert j brode said:


  47. sigmar palmarsson said:

    greatest band ever.

  48. Chris Hogan said:

    Please please please do a reunion tour!

  49. Billy Mastroni said:

    This Band changed my life and that’s really all i gotta say

  50. Mark Fourie said:

    Wow…is the only word i could get out, been a fan since 1976 as a 12 year old in South Africa and enjoying your music. All my friends called me a weirdo but who cares,even when your songs were banned by our goverment back then i sneeked out of the house and listened to your songs.Today with our new democracy our kids are enjoying your music as well. I still have Seven singles and LP’s of Pink Floyd of way back then. As we get older and vade away the music remains behind to cary our legacy’s forward, long live Pink Floyd

  51. Glenn and Joan Coats said:

    We are 59 and thank you for the music. It is still wonderful and you fill our minds with memories. We recently saw David Gilmour and band on “Late Night with Jools”. The music was so fine and such a great moment. Our kids enjoy your musicianship and two out of three lay an ax. The third played flute. Let the music play on. Thank you again from centreal Virginia, USA

  52. florence russell said:

    first time on site-love it. i will be checking in daily. thanks PFOnline for all info.

  53. Jeffrey S. Bahr said:

    Hello to Pink Floyd. Your music is truly timeless. I am looking for any upcoming events here in the United States or the U.K. Best of luck for the new year.
    Shalom, J.S. “Rolling Thunder” and Winston Bahr

  54. Jot Howard said:

    I am a 16 year old who lives in Florida where the streets are over run by many unique minded people. I’ve listened to Pink Floyd for years and the fact that I may have a chance to see Roger Waters share the stage with David Gilmour once more seems like an unforgettable and epic experience, I listen to “death metal” and punk now as well as various other off-shots of metal and other assorted music genres but I can never forget my roots, which is why I still listen to the masterful works of Pink Floyd, The Who, Rush, Led Zepplin, Journey, Ozzy, Jethro Tull, etc. it is in the hands of my generation to preserve the music of the past and to be honest, we are off to a bad start. So that’s why I say we as lovers of the classics are destined to be the striving force of music of the past. Long live Pink Floyd!

  55. division bell said:

    only recently come across the band and am now in the process of aquirin the back catalogue!!! amazin band, this is not music, this is a feeling, pink floyd are more than a band!!! true legends. dont think i could ever get tired of hearing comfortably numb solo (pulse version)

  56. peter said:

    HI ALL,
    I’ve loved the floyd since i was 14 or so and i’m now a very young 41. I live in Sydney and saw the 1988 concert here (age 20). At times, especially at the beginning, i was in tears during this concert. They’d have to be the most amazing group to walk this earth and only now have i needed to find like minded people to connect with. It seems that when i meet a fellow floyd fan (which is rare), i have some sort of instant strong connection to them. I guess i’ve never thought of looking up the floyd or my fellow fans on the internet as i don’t naturally link the two… Sounds really blood corny and pathetic but i feel i’m “coming home?” by writing on this site.

  57. quicksilver said:

    Hello- I’m really glad to be on the forum again. Its been a few years, but I’m back in full force! this is really a nice site and well run. It looks as if I represent the Wisconsin contingent of Pink Floyd fans!!

  58. mark kitchen said:

    hi im a big fan of pink floyd. i like that psychodelic sounds they use in thier songs. i wish they could get back together and put out new albums of new fresh material. i like thier old stuff alot, but i was hoping they would stay together. i guess bands have to split so each his own could do solo material, and see if they could seceede on his own. they are great together and thier good solo too.

  59. sgq said:

    Hurried work is worried work & never rush the cook, two things to live by. You always do a fine job, PFO!

  60. admin said:

    Looking more like late tomorrow night now.

  61. admin said:

    Good news! I think it will be back by tomorrow afternoon if all goes well. Someone is going to help me tomorrow.


  62. Pig (The Third One) said:

    I think I might go insane if there is no forum up by tomorrow. :C

  63. Floyd 24/7 said:

    Going camping this weekend!!!!

    Be back Sunday, hope the forum is up and running by then……

  64. Dyolf said:

    Forum fail. Lol.

  65. Cant Avoid the Floyd said:

    I wasn’t aware of that either. Well, hope the forum’s up working again soo.

  66. Morglor9 said:

    Wow, I didn’t know this place even had a guestbook.

    Who needs more rye? This guy. Kudos to the Floyd.

  67. Macedonia said:

    …If I start,I won’t finish…I can write endless about Pink Floyd,but the most important I want to say…Thank you,thank you guys about all that incredible music,without you my life woudn’t be like it is. I can’t explaine my sadness that I haven’t been on any concert of them.So many times i wished to be borned decades earlier,but I hope so..maybe in some other life..I’ll meet my Idols..and i’ll hear in life, The Crazy Diamond,High Hopes,WYWH and all their spectacular songs…THANK YOU PINK FLOYD

  68. anthony watkins said:

    i love the site and love pink floyd im 46 and sill have my vinyl lps from 70s.i think back at my childhood and pink f was and is a big part of my life.floyd guys please dont stop making music. a.w.

  69. G. said:


    Thank you very much for “The Wall” font, and for this website, Pink Floyd is such a great band.
    Cheers from France

  70. Marryikau said:

    Hello, cool siite. This CSM is it?

  71. Paul said:

    Hi,great site!ive just cleaned my house and came accross the wall colector box set of figuers i bought a few years back.I dont want to sell them on ebay so if anybody is interested in them email me :}

  72. arindam said:

    thank you for making such a website about my ideals…..thankyou

  73. Christine said:


    I really like your music! and I think that your site looks very nice to.

    Christine T.

  74. atomheartmother1 said:

    As an overly-excitable Floyd/Gilmour fan, I am quite pleased with your web site. Very well done.

  75. Lenarfate said:

    how can I write to Roger Waters?help please!!!

  76. Thomas R said:

    Just wanted to say what a great site you have. I’ve been following pink floy for a while now and all the information is right here for you. Keep up the good work.

  77. Natalieee said:

    pink floyd is the greatest band to ever be a band :D

  78. Ron said:

    Radio station in Chicago has “March Album Madness”. Some Beatle fan clubs are knocking out all albums including Floyds. “Wish You Were Here” is the only album left standing but without our help it will be March Album SADNESS! Go to and vote.

  79. BALAAPEMILD said:

    Hi guys, I’m new to this website, I just wanted to say hi & good luck with your site!

    I hope i get a chance to say some more clever stuff :)

  80. greetingsfrompoland said:

    Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !

  81. Captain Gary said:

    I was sitting here in my Lazy-Boy playing Brain Damage on my old flat-top guitar remembering games and daisy chains and laughs and feeling mellow.
    Pink Floyd,to me,is not only the greatest music group ever,but a state of mind.
    Their music will last forever.
    I will forever be greatful to them for helping me through some long voyages in my life.
    Hanging on in quiet desparation is the English {only} way…God bless the lads and thanks to the owners of this web site..great job.

  82. Tammy Conklin said:

    Pink Floyd’s music helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. Every musician invovled in the making of there music from Piper to The Final Cut to their solo careers is absolutely amazing. My life couldn’t be what it is today without them all.

  83. Luigi_Mexico said:

    Pink Floyd is just the best that ever happened to me all my life iĀ´ve listen to them they are more than awesome they are my life…
    PF fans add me:
    lets keep on rocking with PF forever

  84. Pink Waters said:

    Floyd rocks, man. Pink Floyd is not just another brick in the wall, they make the final cut and they’re the first band that I like genuinely, and the Floyd are the best. This is the best Floyd site.

  85. shaun said:

    your my favorite band of all time i have all your albums you are legends i have loved floyd ever since i was about 13 years old and i heard pulse live at earles court 1994 and i loved it i have been hooked on your music ever scince you are excellent and i offer my sympothy on the tragic death of the legendary rick wright from your biggest fan shaun hook

  86. Ed Barton said:

    You are, by far, the best musical group of all time. you’ve been my favorite since the ’70’s. I was very stunned to hear of Rick Wrights passing. He’s playing that “Big Gig In The Sky” now. Rest In Peace, Rick. You’re in a better place now (I hear that the accoustics are excellent up there). ROCK ON, FLOYD!!!!!

  87. mark said:

    the greatest band ever to be or that ever will be. please come back, 1 last time. r.i.p richard wright.

  88. YOUNG_LUST said:


  89. paul said:

    is there have a gig here in the philippines?

  90. Mike said:

    A great resource – many thanks!

  91. Maaike said:

    this site looks great! Last night i watched the documentary “wich one’s Pink” on tv. LOVED it!
    i’ve been a fan for more than 18 years now.
    I was also chocked when i heard about the death of Richard Wright, his sound will be missed.

  92. Gary L. Baker said:

    Great looking and functioning site. It is always a pleasure to come across a website that shows care and smart people.

  93. nic from swizzerland said:

    Rick i see you on the dark sid

  94. guido losa said:


  95. Vito said:

    Great job…best site!!!

  96. mark kortenkool said:

    i will always here your echoe in the sky

    r.i.p. rick

  97. pongiii said:

    pink floyd rulz

  98. Caroline Ryan said:

    I was so sad and shocked to hear of Richard’s death. I still can’t believe it. He was such a wonderful, unassuming and extremely talented musician. He will never be forgotton.

    My sincere condolences to Richards family.

  99. TODD ANTONI said:



  100. john said:

    Hello there,very nice place

  101. Dave Kelly said:

    It is ten days since Richard left us and I still find it hard to believe.I did`nt even know that he was ill. Such a beautiful gentleman and an exceptional musician.I will always remember you on stage at the Philharmonic Hall and The Empire in Liverpool.David and Roger took the limelight but you were always the mainstay.Never ever forgotten.

  102. aalbudin said:

    Hi I’m Angelica Albudin


  103. Dylan Gordon said:

    That’s a awesome website and i really like the fonts

  104. Johann said:

    Dear Rick,

    You’ve been in my life almost since I was a teenager. Your silence, your gentle and your not calling yourself ‘I am PF’. That’s what attracted me the most in you. All PF lovers will miss you.
    My condolences to Rick’s family and friends.

  105. Seth Segall said:

    meeting the members of Pink Floyd , in the Caddilac Bar in Houston , in the 1980’s ..was a pinacle point in my life. as I had already grown up listening to their music all my life. because my Parents were fans since the sixties..shaking hands with my childhood Idol David G. was like an outer body experience, that left me with visions, of the wish you were here ablum artwork, where the two men are shaking hands, and one being on fire…heavy stuff!! Rick will be in my heart and soul forever !!so although he is gone from here,…he is never gone from US…and THEM…!!!!!

  106. James Rock said:

    Condolences to Rick Wright’s family as this sad and traumatic time.

  107. James Rock said:

    Rick, you will be sadly missed by everybody.
    You have now gone to “The Great Gig In The Sky” to join Syd (Roger Keith Barrett). This is an extreme loss to the music industry. R.I.P. Rick.
    From James Rock

  108. kev said:

    rick a hope u look after syd wen ur up there coz u no he can be a bit daft shine on u crazy diamond

  109. Johan said:

    All that we take with us at the end, are our memories,the rest will stay behind, i think your memories are awesome.

    My love and greetings for the people who will miss Richard.


  110. natilee blare said:

    where was richard wright baried at so his fans can pay there respects to a long be missed friend pink floyed will live on forever
    thank you

  111. John Shanley said:

    24 years I have been a Floyd fan, and will continue to be. Richard Wright will never be forgotten, nor will his immense contribution to the music world. A true innovator who seemed to be a fantastic guy. You will be missed, Floyd will not be the same without you. Shine on Forever Rick.!!

    Us, and them
    And after all were only ordinary men.

  112. Dinesh Sirohi said:

    We all will miss him lotzx… as he is no more with us,, but he is inour memories n will remain alwyz..

    He was the Great Gig…!!!

    I salute to the Legend Of Pink Floyd Founder.

    Shine On Rick….!!

  113. Ingrid and Maurice vd Zalm said:

    Dear Richard,

    There are no words to explain the sorrow we feel, since the news of your passing away. We will miss you forever.
    We will never forget you and your contribution to the music industry. Thank you for everything you’ve done. You’re an icon.
    with love,
    Ingrid and Maurice

  114. Bill said:

    I am shocked and saddened to learn that we have lost another one of the original founding members of one of the best bands I have ever heard or seen.My condolences go out to the Wright family.May they take solace in knowing that Richard will forever live on in the hearts and minds of the millions of Pink floyd fans around the world.May we all meet again at that “Great gig in the sky”.

  115. Simon/Preston/Lancs. said:

    The music industry has lost one of it’s cornerstones,god bless,respects to Richard’s family.Will miss someone I’ve met…….

  116. Kim Rafn said:

    – whish you where here! – sadly missed
    Hope we all shall have “a great gig in the sky”

    My best whishes for RichardĀ´s family


  117. TED said:

    I`m so sad about Ricky…
    You will be unforgotten!

    In deep Love , a Fan

  118. Sophocles said:

    Very good site. Thank you!!!

  119. vidar reinvik said:

    my favorite band since i was eleven years old has lost R.W.; and I feel sorry about that. there will be no more reunion with all eminent members..
    thanks for all R.W

  120. Pete Dalby said:

    “And then one day you find, ’35’ years have got behind you…”

    Thanks to you and PF for changing my life, Rick – PD.

  121. julia said:

    See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon, Rick

  122. Russ said:

    Rick,you will be missed by all floyd fans.

  123. San said:

    Rick, you will be sadly missed.
    you will live on through your music, which I’m sure all floyd diehard fans listen to everyday.
    loved always by all.

  124. Richard Torell / Sweden said:

    Dear Richard
    Thank you for all the memoryā€™s you has given us all.

  125. Vahid said:

    I’m so sorry to hear this news.
    My best wishes for Richard’s family.
    He will be realy missed.

  126. Mark W. Clark said:

    Beloved Richard;

    Your death was a shock and a surprise. When I saw you were on stage with David at the Oakland 06′ concert for David’s release of
    “On An Island” I was blown away. Your voice was the same as on all of the albums and you have always been my favorite organ, piano and keyboard player.

    Thank you Richard for giving me my favorite music and band that I have been listening to for close to forty years.

    I hope I can meet you someday in the place we all go to.

  127. Ron Beernink said:

    It was only last night that I was watching David Gilmour’s AOL music video, realising that it was featuring Richard Wright. Watching him on that video, made me realise how much the Richard Wright sound is a signature to some of the most beautiful Pink Floyd music. Never in the limelight as with Gilmour or Waters, but a crucial element of their music. It is sad to read a day later that Richard Wright has passed away. Death is inevitable. But his passing is also the passing of one of the great bands of our lifetime.

  128. Col Jack Ivy said:

    Richard represented the very best of Pink Floyd. This quiet, unassuming manā€™s contributions to the band formed the very core of the most inspiring and unique music produced during our lifetime. Our prayers go out to his family, loved ones and colleagues. Richard will always be remembered for his modesty, grace and most of all for his musical art ā€“ an art that changed music forever. His original and very unique music inspired and will continue to inspire generations to come. He will be remembered and loved forever.

  129. LPK said:

    I am reeling at the news of Rick’s passing. The music world has lost one of it’s most unassuming and talented people.

    The music Rick made will sound different today and forevermore

  130. pete said:

    Thank you Richard, lots of found memories………

  131. tony winterbottom said:

    Richard Wright,. You were not afraid to play what your heart sang. I will miss your music as will all Pink Floyd fans. I am uncomfortably numb.

  132. Floydian said:

    I just heard the news about Richard Wright. Im in shock right now.. RIP Richard we will always love you

  133. Toni said:

    I love pink Floyd I hope they will make a concert in KOSOVO(new born country).

  134. Nerina said:

    Just to wish a great or the greatest man ever to walk the earth a very very happy birthday. My the force be with you.

    With all my love

  135. Mary Lou said:

    I loved the Roger Waters performance in May 2008 Houston, Texas. What is the latest on another tour or a possible Pink Floyd reunion?

  136. MystiFerdinand said:


    My first memory as a baby involves my dad playing me P.U.L.S.E. I am a teenager now and love their early stuff.

    I love te fonts in the downloads section, I am gonna do my english essay in them and spread the word!!! xxx

  137. luc montmagny said:


  138. David P Losh said:

    Pink Floyd will NEVER grow old. Rock on!

  139. Dave Kelly said:

    You`re the kind of girl that fits in with my world
    I`ll give you anything , everything if you want things.

  140. Putin said:

    I like This site!

  141. nicholas kane said:

    hi lads just want to say that The Pink Floyd has Helped me through some really Hard times i wish all the band a very progressive future….

    Don’t accept that what’s happening
    Is just a case of others’ suffering
    Or you’ll find that you’re joining in
    The turning away”

    Thank you for everything you have done lads and if ever in ireland look me up….

  142. Abel Ign said:

    It Great.
    Pink Floyd it so much to my life.
    I like so much.
    I need more CD Floyd.
    But I donĀ´t know, What can i do?

    Nice song.

  143. reinier sanchez toledo said:

    the best band ever, miles away from all of us.

  144. vahid said:

    pink floyd is the greatest band in the world.
    i love you so much.

  145. Melanie Phillips said:

    Please can you help me?
    I am a retired schoolteacher and am writing a funny book about all my ex- colleagues(including myself). I want to call the book ‘Another Brick in the Wall.’ Who do I get permission from to do this?

    Mel Phillips

  146. Jon-Einar Anthonsen said:


    A great!!! site. :-)

    A message to Pinkfloyd’s manager:
    I saw the 14 years ago in Oslo, tell the lads that it is time for a reunion, and I know the perfect place, Slane Castle Co. Meath Ireland!!!! Perfect venue. What about August 2009???

  147. Dave Kelly said:

    Great site,lots of interesting stuff.Did anyone out there see Floyd in early`68 at the Liverpool Boxing Stadium ? I can`t remember much, but I think that it was one of their gigs as a five piece. I know that it was a month or two after the famous Hendrix tour.

  148. cori burns said:

    I love this site.

    Not only is it very informative but the people are nice too.


    love Cori alias littlepinkbrancellrevisited xxxx

  149. Jintzey said:

    The new site looks great! Good job PFOnline! :-)

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