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Pink Floyd Bootlegs

Pink Floyd have a plethora of Bootlegs out there. These are sometimes referred to as ‘RoIO’s. (Recordings of Illigitimate Origin.) You can still find great bootlegs where used CD’s are sold. With thanks to The Pink Floyd RoIO Database, we are able to list for you the title’s of available Pink Floyd Bootleg CD’s.

The 1994 West Coast Trip

8th RD From The Moon

Absolutely Ambient
All Movement Is Accomplished (The 60’s Rarities)
The Amazing Pudding
Amsterdam ’69
And The Bell Tolls
Animals Over Europe – Live In Antwerpen 20.02.1977
Another Brick Another Wall
Another Brick in the Wall (CD 12088 On Stage)
Anthology I – A Collection Of Rare Tracks: 1965 – 1983
Antiques – A Rare Collection Of Oddities
Any Colour You Like
Aphrodite 1971 [CD-R]
Archives Live Through the Years 1970-90
Around The Mystic
Astronomy Domine
The Astronomy Incident [CD-R]
Atom Heart Moo Live
Atom Heart Mother (CD 9013 Alegra)
Atom Heart Mother (CD/STILL 003)
Atom Heart Mother Goes On The Road
Aurora Spectralis
Azimuth Coordinator (Comfortably Cool Productions)
Azimuth Coordinator (Front Row Center)
The Azimuth Coordinator part 1
The Azimuth Coordinator part 2
The Azimuth Coordinator part 3

BBC Broadcasts
Before The Time Began
Behind the Wall
Bell Busters
The Bell Gets Louder
Belle de Cologne
Bells from Notredame
Beset By Creatures of the Deep
The Best Of Tour 72
Big Pink
Black Glass
Black Holes In The Sky
Black Wizard
Boston Gardens, 18/6-1975
Brain Damage (CR-1001 Capricorn)
Brain Damage (TSP-CD-176)
Brain Damage (WORK 5520)
Breast Milky
Brick By Brick
British Winter Tour 74
Brutish Temptation
By The Light of the Silvery Moon (66111-30271, KTS of Australia 1995 Findon, South Australia)
By The Light of the Silvery Moon (KTSOA 027A/B, Kiwi Records)
Bytes Of The Talisman

California Moon
California Sun
Caught In The Crossfire
A CD Full of Secrets (AYCD69)
A CD Full of Secrets (BC 024 Baby Capone)
Chicago Auditorium 1972 [CD-R]
Childhood’s End [CD-R]
A Clear View
Cold Front
The Cold Side of the Bow
Collection 1968-1972
Colmar 1974 [CD-R]
Color of Money [CD-R]
Colourful Meadows
The Complete Top Gear Sessions 1967-1969
The Concert in Modena
The Controls Are Set
The Conversation Disc Series
Copenhagen Sequence
Cosmic Music [CD-R]
Crazy Diamonds

Dark Globe: Syd Barret and the dawn of Pink Floyd
Dark Night In Atlanta
Dark Night In London
Dark Side of Radio City [CD-R]
Dark Side of the Moon (Collectors Edition)
Dark Side of the Pig
Dark Side of the Rising Sun [CD-R]
Dark Side Of The Sky
Dark Side Premier [CD-R]
Darkness Over Frisco
Darkside II
The Darkside Rehearsals
De Doelen
Dogs and Sheeps
Dogs of War (MOJO-036)
Dogs of War (PPL 551 Pipeline)
Dream’s Factory
Dynamic Live

Earl’s Bells
Earls Court – October 20th 1994
Earl’s Court 94
The Early Singles
Early Tour Years
Echoes (LA. CD 103 Live & Alive)
Echoes (RSC 010 CD Oil Well)
Echoes By The Lake [CD-R]
Echoes From Osaka
Echoes In The Auditorium [CD-R]
Echoes in the Canadian Wood
Echoes in the Gardens
Echoes of Atom Heart Mother
Eclipse of the Dark Side: A Piece for Assorted
Eclipsed By The Moon
Electric Factory 1970 [CD-R]
The Embryo (TSP-CD-020 The Swingin’ Pig)
Embryo (WBR CD 900110 Wild Bird Records)
Embryo San Diego, 1971 (Live Storm LSCD 51020)
Embryo San Diego, 1971 (PICD 1020 Golden Stars)
En Chair Et En Os [CD-R]
Enjoy The Silence
Exploding In Your Mind

Falkoner Teatret 25.09.71 (VOL.I & II)
A Family Affair
Fat Old Sun
Feed Your Head
The Film () [CD-R]
The Film (ODY 029 WALL 1 (Matrix Number))
The Film (PF-TF-2 (??))
The Film (PFF-1003 (from disc))
Fire Works Show In The Canadian Walls
Floyd In Europe
The Floyd’s of London
Fly Again
For Whom The Bell Tolls (BGS029/2)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (PLR CD 9413/AB, Pluto Records)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (CT 50011/12, Cosmic Thrills Production, Luxembourg)
Forbidden Samples
Foreign Legion [CD-R]
Forever And Ever
Fort Worth 77 [CD-R]
Fountains Of Roma
France 1994
From Oblivion
From The Other Side
From Underground To The Moon
Ft Worth Texas

The Giants At The Giants’
Giants Stadium – New York – 17th July 1994
Go Crazy With Animals
The Good Old Days
Granny Takes A Trip
A Great Day
The Great Gig In The Sky
The Great Gig on the Moon
Greatest Hits Live
Green is the Color
Grooving With A Pict [CD-R]

Hand of Fate
The Heart Of The Sun
High Hopes
Holes in the Sky
Home Again
Home Is Where My Dome Is
Hurricane Floyd Hits Miami [CD-R]

If You Were A Bluebird
Illusions Of Childhood’s End
In The Flesh (DIYE 19 Diamond In Your Ear)
In The Flesh (GDR CD 9103 Great Dane Records)
In the Flesh: European Tour 1977
In The Shadow Of Vesuvius
In The Sky
Interstellar Encore
Ivor Wynne

Jewel Box 4 – Rare Live & Unreleased
A Journey Into the Blues
The Journey Through The Past
Jurassik Sparks
Just Warmin’ Up (the Rehearsals in Tampa)

Keep Smiling People [CD-R]
Knebworth 75 [CD-R]
The Knebworth Concert (PF1011)
The Knebworth Concert (VT-CD 16 Vigotone)
The Knebworth Tales ’90

The Last BBC Session 1971
The Last Gadgets Of Oxyminus
Learning To Fly (MGR2026 (From CD Connection list)*)
Learning To Fly (RS10/11 Rock Solid)
Let’s Prepare for the Show
Libest Spacement Monitor (TSP-CD-027 The Swingin’ Pig)
Libest Spacement Monitor (WORK 5525/2 Men At Work)
Life Could Be A Dream (BP – 085 BLACK PANTHER)
Life Could Be A Dream (LLRCD 072 Living Legend Records)
Limited Edition Picture Disc Interview
Live at Earls Court 1994
Live At Fillmore West 1970
Live At Pompeii (CD-800/1, CD-800/2 Seagull Records)
Live At Pompeii (GIG-09 Pigeon)
Live At Pompeii (GSCD 1063 Golden Stars)
Live At Pompeii (Live Storm LSCD 51063)
Live at the Rainbow
Live at Winterland
The Live Bell
Live Iin Pompei 1971
Live in California U.S.A 1987
Live in Hokkaido 13.02.1972
Live in Japan 1972 (Dark Side of the Rising Sun)
Live In London 1970
Live In London 1971
Live in London ’74 and Paris ’74
Live In Montreux 1971
Live In Rome, Palaeur, June 20, 71
Live In Tokyo 1972
Live in U.K., June 6, 1990
Live In Venice 15 7 89
Live Performances on March 1971
The Live Pink Floyd
Live Rarities
The Live Side Of The Moon
Live USA
Live Volume 1 (JOK-013-A Joker Productions)
Live Volume 2
Live Wall (SG 054/55 Satisfaction Guaranted)
Live Wall (GSCD 2100 Golden Stars)
Live Wall (Part 1 + 2)
Livewall (LSCD 52100 Live Storm)
LIVEWALL (ON/CD 2275 On Stage Records)
Livewall (1 & 2)
London 1972 (From the Dark Side of the Moon)
London 1994
Long Time Gone
Loose Connection

Mad For Fucking Years [CD-R]
Made In Japan
The Man & The Journey
Meddle Limited Edition Trance Remix
Miami 1994
Money (FB0133 Flashback world productions)
Money (PAL-016-A)
Montreux Casino
Montreux Casino 1970 [CD-R]
Mooed Music [CD-R]
Moon Walk
Moonlight Tunes
More Relics
Mounting Pressure
Movin’ Time
Music For Architectural Students
My Uncle is Sick Because the Highway is Green

New Jersey 1987 [CD-R]
New York Live 1977
Next Door To Heaven [CD-R]
A Nice Pair of Monos
A Night In Italy
The Nights Of Wonder
Not a Cloud in the Sky
Nothing Is Changed
Now And Forever

Oakland Coliseum 9/5/77
Obscured At The Rainbow
On the Turning Away
On the Turning Away Part One
On the Turning Away Part Two
One Of These Days
One of Those Days
Osaka 1972
The Other Side of the Moon Vol 1
The Other Side of the Moon Vol 2
The Other Side of the Moon Vol 3
The Other Side of the Moon Vol 4
Out Of This World
Outtakes From Outer Space

P*3 [P.U.L.S.E. disc 3]
Pandora S Box
Paris 1977
Pepperland in the West
Pigs On The Run
Pigs on the Swing
Pigs Over Beantown
Pink Days And Fat Old Suns
Pink Elephants Flew Over Torino on 6/07/1988
The Pink Floyd Early Singles
Pink Floyd in Mega Concert
Pink Floyd Live (CDDV 5514)
Pink Floyd Live (CD TDM 25)
Pink Floyd Live (CDDV 2032 DV More Record Production)
Pink Floyd Live (MT CD 1104021)
Pink Floyd Live (SW 23 Mainline Music Pty Ltd.)
Pink Floyd Live UNAPPROVED (MOJO-60)
Pink Floyd Live UNAPPROVED (MOJO-036)
Pink Floyd Live Vol. 2
Pink Is The Pig
Pink is the Sky
Pink Light Rarities
Pink Moon
Pinkie Milkie
Pink’s Psychedelic Lastnight
The Piper At the Gates of Dawn ((None)) [CD-R]
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (MT5 Musically Tuned)
Plays The Animals
Pompeii (BC025 Baby Capone)
Pompeii (BGS020 Bugsy Records)
Pompeii (KRCR 28 Kobra Records)
Process Of Creation
Prototype Wish You Are Animals
A Psychedelic Night I
A Psychedelic Night II
Psychedelic Sessions
Psychedelic Soundcheck

Quebec City 1971

Rainbows, Clouds and the Moon
Random Precision
Rarities Through the Years
Raving Crazy Diamond Moon
Rememberance Of Things Past
The Return Of The Comet
Return Of The Son Of Nothing
The Return of the Sons of Nothing (Gold Standard; RAL-515 (CD1), NAV-537 (CD2))
The Return Of The Sons Of Nothing (PM 9007 Past Masters)
Revealed at the Rainbow [CD-R]
Reversion Or Revalorization
Rhamadam, Syd Barrett And The Dawn Of Pink Floyd
Rock Hour
Rockstars in Concert – Pink Floyd
Roma ’94
Rotterdam October 12, 1967

Sapporo 72
A Sauceful Of Secrets – Mono Edition
A Saucerful Of Outtakes
Scratch the Silence
Serious Intermission
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
She Kisses Like A Machine
Shine On
Sidereus Nuncius
The Sights and Sounds of Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd
Smoking Blues
Softly Spoken Magic Spells
Solo Works Vol. 1
Sophisticated Colours
Speak To Me
Starclub Phyco
Staying Home To Watch The Rain
Stone Rust
Stoned Alone
Stranger Than Fiction
Syd Barrett’s (Pink Floyd) Last Screams

Take A Trip To The X-Files
Take It Back
Tear Down The Walls [CD-R]
“The Man” Live In Paris [CD-R]
There Is No Dark Side
Think Pink
Thunder and Lightning
Time (Live & Studio Anthology)
Time Travellers
Tongue Tied & Twisted
Total Eclipse – A Retrospective 1967-1993
Tour De France 1974
Transcendental Medication
A Trick Of The Light

Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 2
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 3

Vancouver 1975
Variations On A Theme Of Absence
Vaulting Ambition
Venetia Night
Venice 1989
Violence In Birmingham [CD-R]
Volcanic Destruction

The Wall
The Wall Rehearsals
Water’s Gate
Welcome to Chicago
Welcome To The Machine (TSP-CD-061 The Swingin’ Pig Records)
Welcome To The Machine (LL 15481 Live Line)
What Do You Want From Me [CD-R]
When You Are Young
White Witch
Wish Roy Were in Knebworth
Wish You Were Here – Quad Mix And Deff Mix
Wish You Were Here – Trance Remixes
World Tour (1900 Toasted Condor (packaging); NZCD 89022 Neutral Zone (CDs))
World Tour (NZCD 89022 Neutral Zone)
World Tour (RS.871126 Dragoman Sunbird)

The Year Of The Dragon
Yeeshkul! [CD-R]
Your Favorite Disease

Z-Point And Beyond – A Collection Of Rare Material [CD-R]

Screaming Abdabs

Brain Damage (Sigma 6 DSM-1972)

Rhapsody In Pink (The Psychedelic Years)

Syd Barrett

A Fish Out of Water

Lucy Leave & Other Rarities

Magnesium Proverbs
Melk Weg
My Head Touched The Ground [CD-R]

Roger Waters

Another Brick In The Wall (CD 7545, Viva)
Arie Crown Theatre [CD-R]

Canada 1987
Complete Hitch Hiking Performance
Complete KAOS [CD-R]

Goodbye Mr. Pink Floyd

Hitchhiking to Radio City [CD-R]

In The Pink

K.A.O.T.I.C. [CD-R]
KAOS at the Mecca [CD-R]

Let’s Open The Doors Of Perception!
Live Volume 1 (JOK-033-A Joker Productions)

Pros and Cons of Live Hitch Hiking
Pros and Cons of New Jersey [CD-R]

Radio City 1985 [CD-R]
Radio KAOS Off The Air – A Collection Of Radio KAOS Rarities [CD-R]
Rarities Volume 1 [CD-R]
Rarities Volume 2 [CD-R]
Roger Waters & Bleeding Heart Band
Roger Waters – New Jersey 1987 [CD-R]
Roger Waters is Pink [CD-R]

See Roger Play [CD-R]

Thanks For The Ride (Part One)
Thanks For The Ride (Part Two)

Welcome To The Machine (21 Metal Biter)
What Pink Want
What Rog Wants [CD-R]

David Gilmour

About Face – Live in New York 1984 [CD-R]
About Face Tour

In Floyd We Trust

New Game

Until We Sleep


Artefacts From The Psychdelic Dungeon

Cowdray Ruins Concert 1993 [CD-R]

Kralingen Pop-Festival

Masters of Rock

Sampler 1992
Seville Nights

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  1. December 18th, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    PM Jacqueline Vennstroem

    Found Sophisticated Colours. Likes it :)

  2. March 17th, 2012 at 7:37 am


    Live in Los Angeles 1975
    my favourite live
    extrasensorial live performance :-)
    high technical and high artistic level

  3. July 28th, 2012 at 1:27 pm


    Hi!Recently found “Secrets”(double LP)in perfect condition- it’s amazing, all songs are rare and very interesting, sounds very well!!! I’m proud of it and try to find another Pink Floyd’s bootlegs!


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