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Pink Floyd Video of the Week

The Pink Floyd “Video of the Week” feature is new to PFO in 2012. If you have a suggestion for a video you’d like to see on the home page, please submit it here.

Your video can be ANYTHING as long as it has SOMETHING to do with Pink Floyd and can be embedded on this site. Even if you are wanting to promote your own video, such as something you made in film or computer animation class, or maybe your band did a Floyd cover, that’s OK to submit here too.

Or it could be just some cool Video you found on YouTube and you want to share it with other Floyd fans – and make my life easier by helping to pick the video this week. :)

We’ll look it over, and if it’s cool enough, it will be published to the home page of Pink Floyd Online and your video will be viewed by millions and billions of Pink Floyd fans.

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Past Pink Floyd Video’s of the Week

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