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A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987) with Sayonara (1957)


Start CD at beginning of movie, just before Marlon Brando’s name appears. Repeat CD until the end of the movie.

Some things I noticed:

Several aspects of the lyrics apply to the movie.

Learning to Fly. Brando is a pilot in the film.

The Dogs of War describes the bad things that the military does to its enemies as well as its own.

The music changes as the couple kisses. At the beginning of One Slip, the alarm sounds as the couple kisses a third time.

One Slip describes events that happen later in the film. Brando’s character falls in love with the lead Asian dancer, and his life changes dramatically.

On the Turning Away “…from the pale and downtrodden” is sung as a pale-faced dancer is down on the ground.

During part of the dance, he whips his head around to the beat of the music.

Yet Another Movie is a hint from Pink Floyd that they have done it again, despite Roger Waters absence from the band.

A New Machine describes Brando’s character.

Sorrow. Music synchronizes beautifully with the dancers.

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