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Ummagumma – Studio Album (1969) with Gigi (1958)

Big Clue: Look at the album cover.


Start CD after third roar of MGM lion. Music should start slightly after credits start.

Some things I noticed:

Gigi soundtrack is on the cover of Ummagumma.

You might notice that uMMaGuMMa conveniently contains MGM in it, and Gigi is an MGM movie.

Man’s facial gestures, walking, hand movements match the piano part.

Man points at two women riding during a sudden loud crashing sound.

Girls playing match the speeding up of music and percussion.

Little girl with umbrella turns around during strange sound.

Hear what sounds like cats meowing (guitar effects), while a cat is on the screen.

Drum roll begins when main character appears and ends when he puts on his jacket.

Music matches facial and hand gestures of both men during horse buggy ride.

Music climaxes under Eiffel tower.

Pleasant music plays when man visits Gigi’s guardian, her grandmother.

Roger Waters chants during Gigi’s singing part. Matches pretty good with scene.

Weird sound effects occur when bottle of wine is brought over to the table, opened, and poured.

Song lyrics describe the situation between the man and his girlfriend perfectly.

Music gets louder when the girlfriend and her trainer rise up from the table together.

Percussion part matches women talking after phone call. (Sounds like Morris code.)

Man’s hand and facial gestures during drinking scene match percussion.

Horse dances to the percussion part.

The last song is appropriately named “The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party” as the music closes during the party scenes.

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