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Atom Heart Mother (1970) with Doctor Zhivago (1965)


Start CD at beginning of Overture, if watching a very old copy of Doctor Zhivago with original length Overture. (Overture has a nice scenic background in this version.)

Or, if watching a new copy of Doctor Zhivago (such as 30th Anniversary), start CD and play it for 32 seconds before starting movie at beginning of Overture. (Overture is 32 seconds shorter than original and has boring screen background.) Probably 99% or more of the copies out there have the shorter Overture.

Some things I noticed:

Atom Heart Mother

Examine artwork of 1994 re-mastered CD while watching movie during this song.

“Father’s Shout” refers to Zhivago’s poems; he is the girl’s father.

“Breast Milky” refers to Lara, Zhivago’s lover, the girl’s mother.

“Mother Fore” refers to the mother before, Zhivago’s mother, who died when he was a young boy.

“Funky Dung” artwork shows the image of shovels, symbolizes the burial of Zhivago’s mother.

“Mind Your Throats Please” artwork shows the image of a beautiful musical instrument, similar to the beautiful instrument Zhivago inherits from his mother.

“Remergence” is the retelling of Zhivago’s life.

Music and singing sound Russian; the movie takes place in Russia.

Music goes back and forth between instruments during initial conversation with girl.

Music matches leaves blowing in the wind.

Guitar plucking during scene where young Zhivago is given beautiful string instrument.

“Silence in the studio” is announced when the boy is in bed getting ready to sleep.


Each verse lines up with a different scene with these characters:

Verse 1 – Lara

Verse 2 – Dr. Zhivago

Verse 3 – Lara’s mother

Verse 4 – Lara

Verse 5 – Lara and her tormenter

Summer ’68

Starts just after man closes door.

Marching people fit with the music.

Dancing matches music.

Music ends when scene ends.

Fat Old Sun

Second time “A silver sound” is sung, the sword blades are swung.

Song ends when scene ends.

Water dripping as tears drip.

Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast

This song has several sound effects that match gestures in the scenes.

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